For everyone that like's Mike.


Original Jordan Jersey

Fake Jordan Jerseys are just as bad as fake Air Jordans.

Only rock the real shit.

The message has been brought to you by the good folks over at Like Mike Clothing.

Vintage MJ on Letterman

I just got a clean pair of OG I's off ebay and it inspired me to post this old MJ & David Letterman interview not to many younger Jordan Heads have ever seen before.

Dave pulls out the OG AJ I's @ 4:48 and then chucks them over the couch.


Bin IX's @ Sole Fly

This should be on my printing site's blog but I wanted to share this picture of the Mahvee Exclusive Fly Or Fall Tee we printed & a pair of MJ autographed Bin IX's at Sole Fly on this LIKE MIKE blog.


Check them out at


LIKE MIKE Basketball Hoop @ Sole Fly

After only a few one night only events, Sneaker Pimps Miami, DXC Miami and Hoop It Up Miami, the LIKE MIKE custom backboard fnally gets a proper home at Sole Fly here in Miami...

Stop by and try to hit a basket for a free shirt, tell them LIKE MIKE sent you in to get the one shot deal.

Click on any of the following images, right click and save for a cool screen saver.

A big big shout out to my homies over at Bird Club Clothing for helping me make a cool idea into the real thing.

Make sure you come out the Sole Fly grand opening party on Saturday July 10th...

MJ will be in the building.

Mark your calendars, its a night you dont want to miss!

July 10th @ Solefly
8099 South Dixie Highway #2
Miami, FL 33143
(305) 661-3423


The LIKE MIKE "Father's Day" Infrared Pack

This is the LIKE MIKE Father's Day Infrared Pack...

My 2000's and my daughters size 6 lo top infra red chucks.

Happy Fathers Day from LIKE MIKE.


MJ Autographed BIN IX's @ Sole Fly

Check out this super exclusive pair of Air Jordan "BIN" IX's autographed by the man himself...

Stop by Sole Fly here in Miami to check them out in person, and while your there pick up the limited edition LIKE MIKE shirt for the "BIN" IX's available only at Sole Fly.

Sole Fly
8099 S Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33143


AJ VI "BULLS" Next Saturday

I think alot of people will sleep on this release because of the Infrared Pack the following week, but the AJ VI "BULLS" is a really really dope pair of VI's, don't sleep!

Here is a sneak peak of the new LIKE MIKE "CHI-Town Bully" shirt were dropping for this release...

Click HERE to get yours now.

Only $23.00

Black Infrared VI's: 2010 vs. 2000 Retro

I got my hands on a pair of the 2010 Black Infrared VI's...

This is hands down, my favorite Air Jordan model and colorway of all Air Jordans.

First pair I ever got back in 1991 when I was in 6ht grade...

I wish it had the NIKE AIR on the back, but the black on black thread jumpman logo is cool with me. My 2000's are all brittle on the toe cap, and when I wear them im not comfortable so having another brand new icy Black Infrared VI's i'm really happy.

The Infrared VI Pack is a slam dunk fucking home run for Jordan Brand.

This is the shit that will leave me broke if the keep dropping classic like this.


Shoe Gallery x LIKE MIKE Display

So last week I did a collabo shirt with Shoe Gallery here in Miami, we flipped the Toronto Blue Jays logo to say "Powder Blue Jays" for the IX's that just dropped. I will be adding that shirt to the online store sometime over the weekend.

Check out this dope display the Shoe Gallery crew set up for the release...

A custom North Carolina inspired Shoe Gallery Powder Blue IX's sneaker box, pretty sick!

Shout outs to the homie Vanshun for putting all this together last minute, we pulled it off homie!

Big thanks to Danny for making all this possible.

When your in Miami make sure you check them out.

Shoe Gallery
244 Northeast 1st Ave
Miami, fl
(305) 371-2063

Follow Shoe Gallery on Twitter: @ShoeGallery


Thanks For The Love.

Last week was the Summer Time return of LIKE MIKE CLOTHING, after dropping 2 shirts I got the love and support of a ton of stores and websites, it feels good, this is the kind of response I had hoped to have when I made my return to the clothing line game.

Shout outs to all the stores locally and around the globe supporting LIKE MIKE...

Shoe Gallery, Foot Soldiers, Simons, and Sole Fly here in Miami, Fresh Kickz in Jersey, Dig LifeStyles out in Hawaii and Majestic in France.

Here's a few website shout outs, thanks for the love!






New LIKE MIKE Shirt: "Carolina Blue Kicks"

So the Powder Blue IX's are dropping on Saturday, alot of people are really excited about this release, this is one of my favorite pairs of Jordans so I had to come correct with a dope shirt to match.

The Powder Blues...

It's always nice to see a dope pair of Air Jordans get it's retro cherry popped.

It's been 16 long years since these beautiful sneakers were originally released.

I've wanted a pair of Powder Blue's since I was a freshman in highschool back in 1994.
I think like 7 different people came to school the next day rocking the same out fit.

A crispy pair of Powder Blue's, and the North Carolina Michael Jordan rookie jersey.

And that was the first time they dropped Mike's college jersey.

This was the picture that popped it off...

At the time Mike was retired, just wrapped up the first 3-peat and was playing baseball.

Then Nike dropped this ad and this sneaker really took off, or at least it did where I live down here in Miami.

So it's been a while since I have really dropped a new LIKE MIKE joint and I wanted to come correct for one of my personal favorites.

So I put together this concept based off the track Mya & Jay-z did, the remix of "Best of Me".

Peep the video if you havn't seen it in a while.

Jigga killed the remix with 2 classic punch lines, "Yes y'alln' Jigga man be ballin" & "Carolina Blue Kicks, Hottest Nigga on the Block".

If you remember the next lyric then you will get the concept of the shirt.

I linked up with my homie "9-Teen" to take my concept and lace up the hand drawn version of the image in my head...

And he killed it!

I'm not sure whats better the front or the back of the shirt...

The design came out better then I expected, hope everyone that loves the Powder Blues as much as I do will pick up the shirt.

Click HERE to get yours now.
Only $23.00

Stay tuned, i'm dropping alot of the designs I've been holding back for a while.

Follow ME: @DoYouLikeMike



Jordan Brand is set to re-release the Air Jordan II's next weekend...

Still one of my all time favorite Jordans.

If your looking for a shirt to match then check out this original LIKE MIKE shirt, "Lace Up Ya Sneakers".

If you know that song "Nike Head" by Lexicon, made famous on the Just For Kicks Dvd, then you know where the quote is from.

Click HERE to get yours now.

Shout outs to my homies at Bean Dip Clothing!

Bonus Video:




Mike on Up Close Classic

1984 & 1988

Obama got a nice shot...

A game of Horse with the president...


MJ Gets Blocked By High School Player

Peep this old footage of MJ getting blocked by a highschool player...

Mike tried so hard to dunk the ball it got stuck in between the backboard and the rim.


AJ VI "Bulls"

Thank you JB, Thank you.

Very Ironic...

So maybe you checked the blog earlier today and saw the post below that says "I'm Back", well ironically 15 years ago to the day was Mike's famous "IM BACK" announcement in 1995...

I swear I didn't plan that.

I was looking around the web for some new content for the blog and to my surprise I found a story about the 15 year anniversary of Mike's famous 2-word press release.

Anyways, check it out:

Michael Jordan is “Back”

In October of 1993 the world’s best basketball player and arguably sports’ biggest celebrity – Michael Jordan - abruptly announced he was retiring from the NBA during the midst of his athletic prime. Theories as to why still range from the simple (he was just tired of playing) to the elaborate (it was a secret suspension for gambling from David Stern).

Regardless of his motives, the story took a historically bizarre twist when, a year later, Jordan signed a minor league deal to play baseball with the Chicago White Sox and was assigned to their Birmingham affiliate to become a traveling sideshow for people who wanted to watch the world’s greatest basketball player hit .202 and strikeout roughly one out of every four times he came to the plate.

It was clear pretty quickly that MJ didn’t quite have the same knack for domination on the diamond as he did the court and on March 18, 1995 he made his return to the NBA official by issuing one of the most succinct press releases in history. It read: “I’m back.”

The next day, Jordan was suited up for the Bulls wearing #45, occasion enough for NBC to break out a Bob Costas soliliquy...

MJ pumped in 19 points in his first game back after close to two years off. Five games into his comeback, he lit up the Knicks for 55 points and over his 17 game regular season he averaged 27 points per game, bumping that up to 31 in the postseason.

Over the next three years, the Bulls and Jordan went 203-43 and won three straight NBA titles.

Safe to say he chose the right sport.

Stay tuned for more!

I'm Back!

Ok everybody, I'm back...

Took a month off from the blog to focus on my printing business, plus moved into a new place, moving sucks!

Stay tuned for alot of new blog posts and alot of new LIKE MIKE shirts dropping soon.


Beef with the Ref

25th Anniversary Jordan Party Video

Mike is joined by his Team Jordan Athletes Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul
Carmelo Anthony, Josh Howard as well as Cedric the Entertainer, Robin Thicke
Vivica A. Fox, Common, Russell Simmons and Spike Lee at a 25th Anniversary party during the All-Star weekend that just passed...

The video is a little ruff, could've done some better editing but if your a Jordan Head you will enjoy it.


Phil Jackson Interview '98

Here's a cool interview with Phil Jackson right before the last game he coached Mike & the Chicago Bulls during the 1998 finals.


South florida DXC @ The Hard Rock

Just a heads up for anyone that doesn't know, Dunk X Change is coming to South Florida 9 times this year, flip flopping back forth from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale every other month.

Now DXC is no stranger to Miami, the Miami show is always jumping, but for the first time DXC will be in Broward at arguably the best venue in town, The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino...

Yea so basically you don't have to dodge all the crack heads in Down Town Miami for this show.

I expect a big a turnout, hope to see you out there.

If I can get my shit together I should have a booth and maybe a few new LIKE MIKE shirts for sale, so come out and support, and after its all over you can chill at the Hard Rock.

Good times. for more info.