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Cool Kids X Don Cannon

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OG Sneaker Head


The 12 Jays of Christmas

Pretty lame... but fuck it, its Christmas, Congrats, you made the blog buddy.

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Air Jordan I Christmas Stocking

JB should really do this...

Christmas Day '97: Bulls vs. Pistons

Mike & Pippen rocking the Taxi XII's.


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Christmas Day '86: Bulls vs. Knicks

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Christmas '84: Pat O'Brien Interviews MJ

Here's a look back at an interview with Michael Jordan & Pat O'Brien from Christmas of 1984. They discuss the first few weeks of his rookie season. Cameo's by Dr. J, Isiah Thomas and his first head coach, Kevin Loughery.

You can really tell Mike grew up in North Carolina in all these old interviews, dude sounds nothing like that anymore.

Christmas Day '92: Bulls vs. Knicks

Take a look back to Christmas day back in 1992 as Mike drops 42 on Patrick Ewing and the Knicks.


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1984: Merry Christmas from Air Jordan


#23 is Back in #45 Space Jams

Here is the game Mike rocked the Space Jams for the first time.

It was game 4 of the 1995 NBA Playoffs.

Ahmad Rashad is doing the court side reporting in Mike's old Concord XI's...

Great footage.


In Game 3 Mike rocked the Penny's...

Check it:

In Game 2 Mike rocked the concords and switched from the #45 jersey back to his original #23.

Check it:

Game 1 was the last time Mike would ever rock the #45 jersey...

And it was a horrible ending for Mike and the Bulls.

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'92: Mike's thoughts on the Olympic's

Here is some extended footage from '92 when Mike toured the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.

An exceprt of this footage was featured in Mike's video "Air Time".


Don't Wear Reeboks to the MJ Charity Event

"We can get past that"


Another Mike vs. Kobe Video

Same old highlights...

But they never get old.



Kobe with another game winner...

"If you weren’t drinking the Kobe Kool-Aid before, you gotta be chugging it down now."

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Sure Buddy...

Michael Jordan vs. Len Bias 1984

This was a vintage North Carolina vs. Maryland matchup...

Len Bias had a great first half scoring 16 points. Finished with 24pts and 4rbs.

Jordan scored 21 and he was a monster on the boards with 12 rebounds. He also had 2 blocks and 4 steals.

He came up with all the big points, rebounds and the steal at the end of the game.

And of course, he has his famous windmill dunk at the buzzer.


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I'm Lovin' It


Mike Retired in Miami

Here's a look back at the night Pat Riley and the Miami Heat retired Mike's jersey at the American Airlines Arena here in Miami...



Makin' Movies...

Mike in Spain

Came across some vintage MJ footage visiting Spain.

Mike came to Spain to help kick off the 90-91 season of the Spanish league of basketball of the ACB.

The footage is cool,

But the music is awsome.


Visiting Spain:

Game Footage:


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Fuckin Kobe...

"Passing the Torch"

With a tap on the shoulder, Michael Jordan gave Dwyane Wade his approval and the go ahead to represent the Brand.

Earlier this week the Air Jordan 2010 was officially unveiled at a media summit in Miami, but just a few minutes ago, Dwyane Wade gave the world a preview via twitter at his own version of the Air Jordan 2010 in an all black colorup with his name stamped instead of Jordan.

Different from how Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul have represented the brand, Michael Jordan announced that he is officially “passing the torch” to Dwyane Wade. Wade spent six years with Converse, but after years of asking to join Team Jordan, he is not only on the squad, but is the captain.

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