For everyone that like's Mike.


Original Jordan Jersey

Fake Jordan Jerseys are just as bad as fake Air Jordans.

Only rock the real shit.

The message has been brought to you by the good folks over at Like Mike Clothing.

Vintage MJ on Letterman

I just got a clean pair of OG I's off ebay and it inspired me to post this old MJ & David Letterman interview not to many younger Jordan Heads have ever seen before.

Dave pulls out the OG AJ I's @ 4:48 and then chucks them over the couch.


Bin IX's @ Sole Fly

This should be on my printing site's blog but I wanted to share this picture of the Mahvee Exclusive Fly Or Fall Tee we printed & a pair of MJ autographed Bin IX's at Sole Fly on this LIKE MIKE blog.


Check them out at