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1998 All-Star Game Jordan Interview

Enjoy this clip from an interview Mike gave Ahmad Rashad during his final All-Star weekend as a Chicago Bull ten years ago.

He reflects on his early All-Star experiences including his first All-Star game back in '85 and his favorite All-Star weekend, 1988 in Chicago where Mike won his second Slam Dunk Contest and his first All-Star MVP.

The video ends with a clip of Mike throwing down an off the glass alley from Isiah Thomas from the '89 All-Star Game.


"Didn't think I could still do that"

This is a "wish you were there" moment at basketball camp, mixed with a little Kanye.


Thank NikeTalk member "raptors29" for sharing.

I love pictures...

I recently started a picture post on the Sole Collector fourms of Mike wearing every Air Jordan sneaker from the original Air Jordan I's all the way to the Air Jordan XXIII's.

I got some good help from the rest of the people on the fourm and now the collection is over 120 pictures.

If you like vintage pictures of Mike your gonna love it.

Here's the link for everyone that would like to check it out.



Mike's Custom Ducati

Suttons Bay, MI, April 17, 2008

Garrick Opie, designer and builder of custom, one of a kind motorcycles, discussed the features of the highly customized Ducati commissioned by basketball superstar Michael Jordan with Jason Britton of Speed TV’s SuperBikes! during Daytona Bike Week 2008.

The bike, nicknamed Torello, is based on a Ducati 999 Superbike and is customized down to the smallest detail. Two of the most noticeable features are the nickel-plated carbon fiber on the body and the six LED headlamps. The carbon fiber Garrick incorporated has only been used previously on F-18 fighter jets.

Jordan met Garrick at Daytona Bike Week in 2006 when Garrick was in town for an American Iron Magazine photo shoot with his first custom motorcycle, Low Flow, a 2006 DUB award winner. Jordan was impressed and asked if Garrick customized motorcycles other than choppers. He soon commissioned Garrick Opie Customs to customize the Ducati, a process that took 18 months.

After seeing and riding the motorcycle, SuperBikes! host Jason Britton called Garrick, “A true artist.” When Britton asked if he was happy with the bike, Jordan’s answer was, “And then some.”

Enjoy this video from Speed TV’s SuperBikes!


Be part of the Jordan Heads Documentary

For many Michael Jordan fans the number one thing that connects themselves to the legacy Mike left on the court are the sneakers they proudly wear on their feet.

Air Jordans.

And finally all the Air Jordan lovers have a documentary to show the rest of the world the millions of people that are proud to call themselves "Jordan Heads".

The crew of Jordan Heads have been hard at work for the last few years gathering footage and interviewing people, they are just about to wrap up filming on the project. For the “last shot” of the film, The Jordan Heads crew wants to capture Jordan heads outside of the United Center.

One month from today, August 23rd, heads are invited to gather outside of the United Center by the Jordan statue. Everyone is asked to bring their favorite pair to hold up for the shot.

Besides being a part of this movie, hopes are to also break a world record and have this moment documented in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Please be prompt at 10AM the day of the shoot as a large crowd is expected.

Here's the trailer for the DVD for everyone that has not heard about the Jordan Heads DVD yet.

Stay tuned for more info.

Thank Nice Kicks for the heads up.


Poppin' Bottles Since 1991

Champagne corks were flying in Lake Tahoe as more than 30 celebrity participants took time to show off their celebratory champagne spraying skills last week during the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship.

Fans watched as top sports stars stopped to highlight their locker-room celebratory skills during the first ever "Korbel Champagne Celebrity Spray-Off."

Collectively, these championship athletes have overwhelming experience with locker-room celebrations so it was only fitting they showcased their talents in a friendly competition highlighting their expertise.

Undeniably the crowd favorite and possibly the most legendary athlete in sports history, Michael Jordan, surrounded by hundreds of fans gave them something to cheer about with his stylish champagne spray.

With a combination of style and technique, two-time Super Bowl Champion John Elway exhibited the best overall performance earning him top marks. Elway's charismatic spray and great champagne distance outshined the other participating superstars.

Enjoy this look back at Mike during his annual bottle poppin' end of the season parties.

"Pop champagne like I won a championship"



If you consider yourself a true Michael Jordan fan then you will love this 3 part video, CNN's Michael Jordan Tribute "Simply the Best" after his 1999 retirement annoucement.

Take a 30 minute break from your day and enjoy a look back at Michael Jordan's amazing career on and off the court.

Thank youtube member "mugeninfinity" for the videos.

53 in '87

On youtube no one shows love for the Mike better then "hoopsencyclopedia". A 35 year old Jordan Head with an extensive VHS collection of classic MJ games full of highlights most heads under 25 have never seen.

"Because the greatest there ever will be will never be forgotten.

The numbers and accomplishments are immeasurable. The moves and moments are indomitable. The impact on the game, social culture and sports history is transcendent."

I have personally watched almost every precisely edited videos on his youtube channel. They cut off all the fat and leave you with nothing but the meat. Here is another one of my favorites. A Bulls home game from 1987 verse Clyde's Portland Trail Blazers. Watch Mike drop 53 in just over eight minutes of video.

Hoopsencyclopedia breaks down the highlight reel:

In the 80s, MJ was Air Jordan and this game was your typical showcase of his unique and unparalleled athleticism during his 37.1ppg year.

With his supposed nemesis Clyde Drexler in town, MJ raised it up just a tad and basically took on the entire team by himself, bringing them back throughout the whole game for the win in the final minutes.

With drive after drive, MJ was firing on all cylinders while earning his charity shots the hard way. Not one three point attempt was even taken here to break 50. Even more dominant perhaps in addition to his 20 buckets on 59% shooting was his defense. Covering the entire floor at all times, MJ was seemingly everywhere. Look at MJ going insane after having his block called a foul in the end with the game already in the bag with seconds left.

That is the reaction of someone seeking supreme dominance.

As Barkley said, MJ doesn't just want to beat you, he wants to win every play and dominate you so you'll never think the same way again.

You can see MJ just looking to kill people on the drive whenever he had the ball and you never knew what shot or pass might be created in that moment. Thus was the joy of watching the master of improvisation in his athletic prime.



Mike's Mom on a Mission

June 10, 2008

Delores Jordan is best known as the mother of Michael Jordan, basketball's greatest player.

She is on a mission to help at risk kids through education.

"I truly believe that without an education you are on the back end, you do not get the opportunities, the doors do close in your face the glass ceiling comes around you and I do share that with them, said the famous Mom.

She has adopted four of Chicago's poorest public schools, and delivers programs that inspire children and their families.

"I started working with some of the corporations saying this is a school that needs help," said Mrs. Jordan.

A few years back, Victor Herbert Public School in Chicago, IL had major problems.

Jordan explained, "this school was on probation to be closed and I'm thinking no it cannot be. I was in shock when I learned that for 30 years they had not had a PTA, so I'm thinking how can you not have a pta for 30 years."

Today the school has a PTA and more.

Kindergarten students at Victor Herbert Public School enjoy learning through state of the art technology donated by the James R. Jordan Foundation, which is named for Delores Jordan's late husband.

There are other ways generating excitement at the school too. Students who maintain A's and B's throughout the school year can earn money towards college. Honor students are also eligible to win trips to Disney World through a program called the "A Team."

"Even my son that's in kindergarten he's saying you know how's the A-team? When do I get to be part? When am I going to be on the A team, are we going to Disney," commented one mother.

Denise Gallespie is the principal at Victor Herbert Public School.

Gallespie said, "the city of Chicago has challenges. We're trying to meet those challenges with a funding situation like Mrs. Jordan coming in it really does make us have another identity in terms of what we can do."

When CBN News visited Victor Herbert Public School, students showed off exactly what they can do.

Student Ariel Burley recited a popular poem by Langston Hughes.

"I am the darker brother, they send me to each in the kitchen when company comes, but I laugh and eat well and grow strong. Tomorrow I'll be at the table when company comes no one will dare say to me eat in the kitchen then. Besides they'll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed. I too am America," quoted Burley.

Teachers are grateful for Delores Jordan's influence.

Christine Poczik said, "the best things that she's brought is a sense of community. The kids are really able to connect with each other both in and outside of the building."

Delores Jordan's committment to kids and education extends beyond the classroom, to the James R. Jordan Neighborhood Center.

Don Reed is Executive Director of the Center. He explained, "we offer a variety of programs, as you can see we offer gym activities, homework assistance, tutorial assistance, computer lab, arts and crafts, leadership programs we have a teen program, so we try to run the gamut as far as youth services."

Many agree that without the attention kids get from the center, they would be left to their own devices after school.

"A lot of them would be engaged in gang activity pretty much all of the negative activities associated with idle time, the after school time from 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm in which young people have nothing to do," said Reed.

Mrs. Jordan agrees, which is why she stresses the importance of getting a good education.

She comments, "you can have all the things, all the things, but they leave you, but education is yours. People can take from you but they cannot take that away from you. If you want a gift that's a gift and it's a way out of poverty."

By Charlene Israel
CBN News Reporter

Here's a funny clip of Mike and his mom from the "Come Fly With Me" video.

"That's my mom!"

Phil Jackson: Jordan vs. Kobe

The argument of who the best basketball player of all time has been an on going debate for years. At the top of the list you will always see two names. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And who better to weigh in on the subject then Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson was the Bulls assistant head coach to Doug Collins in the late 80's until finally moving to the Head Coach postion, implementing the equal ooputunity "triangle offense" and leading Mike and the Bulls to six titles during the 90's.

Now as the Lakers head coach, Jackson has been to the finals 5 times with Kobe winning 3 World Championships.

No man on earth can debate the Mike vs Kobe argument better then Phil Jackson.

Enjoy this 2008 interview with Coach Jackson disscusing Mike vs Kobe.


White Infrared Fusion VI's

When it comes to Original Air Jordans, nothing is sexier then the White Infrared VI.

This was the sneaker I was hoping would have released in the VI/XVII CDP but what are ya gonna do?

Well if your Jordan Brand you drop the White Infrared Fusion VI's!

Nothing will compare to the Originals, but as far as a Fusion goes, this is a crazy ass sneaker. And if you hate the fusions just think about this... I would rather see the young kids rocking fusions instead of rocking fakes.

Thank NikeTalk member "EDWeeNO" for the pics.


Logo Drama posted a story today about a recent Nike hosted photo shoot of the US Olympic Basketball team, but there has been a little bit of controversy spreading online about the placement of Dwight Howard’s hand and Coach K’s foot. Dwight Howard is the only USA Team member who is signed with a non-Nike affiliated brand.

All the players except Howard are either signed to Nike, Jordan Brand, or Nike owned Converse.

Those are the facts, but with any controversy all that matters are opinions. Do you think that Nike, being the official sponsor of the USA Olympic Team and host of this photo shoot, intentionally placed Dwight Howard where he is with Coach K’s foot obstructing his foot to block the Adidas logos?

This wouldn't be the first time the Olympics caused some logo placement drama. Back in '92 Mike had beef with the Reebok warm-ups worn in the medal ceremony. Mike even crossed out Item 14 on his Olympic contract regarding the Reebok suit to be worn during the medal ceremony.

"Anyone not wearing the uniform won't get up on the medal stand," said Mike Moran, spokesman for the U.S. Olympic Committee. "To me, this would an act of arrogance that backfires on any player who does it."

"I feel very strongly about loyalty to my own company," Mike said. "If we win the gold, I'll make my decision then. If it comes to the point where they can't bend a rule, then I'll make my own suggestions.As long as we win the gold medal, they can give it to me any way they want. It doesn't matter how I get it. I just want to get it."

As we all know, the Dream Team crushed every team it faced and Mike eventually found himself on his way to receiving his second Olympic gold medal.
Nike being the crafty crew that they are found a very patriotic way to get around this logo dilemma, Mike worn an American flag over his shoulder strategically placed over the Reebok logo.

NiceKicks reader "PIKE" left a comment that really sums up the whole situation.

It's a quote from Charles Barkley:

"I have millions of reasons to be loyal to Nike."

Thank for the original story.


Chris Paul Interview

After an eye opening, record breaking, MVP candidate junior 2007/2008 NBA season, Chris Paul is ready to help lead team USA on the path to the Gold Medal in Beijing. A couple of weeks back, Nike and USA Basketball held an event in NYC to officially introduce Team USA to the world.

While at this event, MaZe and the Sneaker Sensei of KATC caught up with CP to talk about the Jordan Olympia, the Jordan CP, Michael Jordan himself, the upcoming Jordan CP2, and more.


Thanks for the video.

Flash Back '85

Enjoy this highlight video of a very young Mike doing his thing in a crispy pair of Air Jordan I's in the 1985 NBA All-Star Game and the P.U.S.H. Excel All-Star Charity Game in Chicago, "Rookies vs. Vets".

Mike drops 37 points on the Vets.

Thank youtube member "hoopsencyclopedia" for the video.

CDP Air Jordan I's

A nice clean color scheme for the I's dropping with the I/XXII package.

This White/Black color scheme has not been seen since the original release back in 1985.

For the $310 price tag on the packages, I really don't see this CDP doing well no matter what colors they drop the XXII's in. Especially since we have already seen 3 black and white based I's already drop this year.

Thank for the pics.


'87 Chevy

I'm a sucker for vintage Michael Jordan.

I love just about anything related to Mike from the 80's or 90's.

And classic Jordan commericals are no exception.

The Gatorade "BE LIKE MIKE" commerical is the inspiration behind the whole LIKE MIKE CLOTHING concept and the LIKE MIKE Blog.

Ever since I started the blog I have always tryed to share as many of the vintage Jordan commericals as I could find. And just when I think I have seen them all I come across another one.

Here's the latest commercial I found. A Chevy commerical from 1987. Nothing special about it. It's actually pretty stupid, but I just love that old shit, and If your reading my blog then you probaly like it too!

Here's another old Chevy commerical featuring Mike from the late 80's.
I call it, "Did a couple doughnuts".

Thank youtube member "shahtoosh" for the videos.



July 5th - July 6th
Michael Gallery
11/F., Lok’s Industrial Building
204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
p: 852.2811.3111

Sports Machine 1993

Enjoy this old video I found on youtube. It's from an old sports program called "Sports Machine" that originally aired in 1993 after his first retirement.

Plenty of classic Jordan highlights, interviews and even a very funny Jordan themed song for most of the highlights.

* MJ footage starts ar 1:34.

Thank youtube member "gmsmfan" for the video.