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LIKE MIKE Sneaker Pimps New York Recap

So I made the trip to New York this weekend to be a part of the New York City Sneaker Pimps Show...

I got my bags all packed, shirts all ready to go. I took care of everything I had to take care of and finally got some time to relax with my wife before I left for the weekend. Then I get the call...

Michael Jackson died.

I can't tell you what that did to me.

As a kid I really was into Michael Jackson, more into Michael Jackson then your average MJ fan, so my friend tells me yo- you gotta make some shirts for MJ and bring them to Sneaker Pimps. Now mind you its 5:30pm on Thursday, half of the world still doesn't even know Mike passed. I told him na bro, I don't have time to design a shirt and get them printed before I leave to NY.

So we hang up and I just am sitting there watching the news, everyones calling me cuz they know how much of an MJ fan I am. I just couldnt belive what I was watching. My child hood idol drops dead at 50 the day before I go to NY for Sneaker Pimps. Really fucked my head up.

So I decided the best way to deal with this was to do what I do best. I put together a quick design based off of the BAD album cover and ran down to the print shop and started printing. I ended up geting 2 dozen shirts done by 11pm. Came home passed out and was out by 5am to catch my 7am flight to NY.

Here are some of the flicks I took before and during the event.


Here's a few flicks from the rest of my trip, chilling in Brooklyn & a few flicks from DXC.