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Air Jordan VI Infrared Sample

This Air Jordan VI Infrared Sample created buzz on the net back when the first Retro Infrareds dropped in 2000. Most people weren’t feeling them back then. Many Jordan Heads felt JB “butchered a classic". Fast forward, nearly ten years later and Jordan truly gave us a “butchered a classic", the 2008 Olympic Air Jordan VI's... That shoe is a mess. Check out this pair of Sample Infrareds that recently hit Ebay.

Judging by the current price of just over $5,000 people must have gotten over that "butchered classic" issue they had before. Looking at the shoe it’s a very simple variation from the originals. Only the midsole was changed and the NIKE AIR was switched from Black to Infrared. This would make a really dope future release for Jordan Brand.

Thanks NiceKicks & EBAY user "gilou7" for the pictures.


Take 5

Sorry guys... took a few days off from the blogging, be back soon!


Mike Check

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You can write about anything, be creative. Maybe you have an interesting personal story you would like to share. Maybe you met Mike one time, or have a fond memory of going to a Bulls Game back when Mike was playing, maybe you would like to show off your Air Jordan Sneaker collection or maybe just a picture of you rocking your favorite pair. Maybe you have a rare video clip you would like to share or a rare photo of Mike.

Anything that has to do with Mike we would love to see!

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Like Mike Clothing


K1X “Baller in the House” Shirt

There have been way too many streetwear brands trying to catapult to fame with Barack Obama T-shirts this past year. K1X is not in this group, because unlike the bulk of the Barack T’s, this one is pretty dope!

The Washington Wizards logo lends a little inspiration as well as Barack’s logo he used on the campaign trail.

Hopefully Barack's trip from Chicago to Washinton goes a little better then Mike's.

Thank for the info.


Forget Mike, Be Like Obama!

I just wanted to take today's post to congratulate Barrack Obama. You gotta love a guy that used to rock Nike Air's and the #23 on his basketball jersey way before Mike made it cool, and now he's running our country... Congratulations homie!

It's crazy how similar Mike and Barrack look in these 2 pictures from there High School Basketball days in the late 70's.


More "G"

Mike returns for Gatorade's second version of the "What's G" commercial.

See if you can figure out who all the other people in the spot are.


Wear Your Kicks

A lesson to all sneaker collectors via "RayRay3Thousand" of Nike Talk.


I know people have posted war stories like this before, but as a school teacher, I feel that everyone should learn from others mistakes.

The other day at school one of my students asked me what was my most favorite pair of shoes that I own. I replied "spacejam xi's".

I went on to tell him the story of how they were our senior year hooping shoe in 2001, how they came out during the movie "SpaceJam", limited run, taught them the definition of an "icy sole", basically all the basic info of the Jordan XI, etc... he then asked me to wear a pair to school.

So this morning I get ready for work, open the box up, vvvvvvvnds SpaceJam XI's which I wore once or twice tops, lace em up and head to work.

Period one - "Nice Kicks", "Whooa, are those the ones?"

Period Two- I notice my feet start to hurt a little.

Period Three- Man, these are not feeling right. (I own many many pairs of XIs)

Lunch- As I walk up the stairs I feel a lifting on my toe.

Period Four- trying to teach a class while in the back of my mind I cant help but worry that my SpaceJams are gonna de-laminate mid step.

Period Five- Sitting in my classroom, in disbelief that this is the result....

Lesson to my youngsters:

Hype all you want over a pair of shoes. If you don't plan on wearing them, you are only fooling yourself. Its cool to keep a pair of kicks on ice for a little while, but keeping a pair of shoes on ice for pure bragging purposes, or just for the self reassurance that you have "shoe game", or that you're a "sneaker head" is just stupid.



Thank NikeTalk Member "rayray3thousand" for the story.

Air Jordan 2009 Black/Varsity Red-White

After seeing the first colorway of the Air Jordan 2009, we finally get a look at the classic Chi-town colorway.

The Air Jordan 2009 Black/Varsity Red-White colorway may turn some of you non believers onto this shoe because it definitely has a more classic Jordan feel to it.

Jason Mayden’s design efforts really stand out on this colorway, especially the fencing inspired side panel. The white offset on the heel area makes it easier to see the potential for player exclusives as well.

Thank NiceKicks and Sole-Locker info.


Buy Mike's Meat

Over the years Mike has sold everything from underwear, hotdogs, batteries, and just about anything else Jordan's agent could sign him up for.

Now Mike's selling steaks on-line.

Get your grill fired up with steaks named "Full Court Press", "Dream Team" and the "Alley Oop".

The fun doesn't stop with the meat, don't forget to order the sauces and marinades including his signature "All-Star BBQ Sauce" and "Slam Dunk Wing Sauce".

But no order is complete without the official Michael Jordan Steaks Bobble Head.

Get your hands on Mike's meat at


I Love Ebay...

I'm a sucker for rare old pictures of Michael Jordan. I found these pictures on a really dope ebay listing for some autographed game worn sneakers by some of the Championship Chicago Bulls players including Mike, Scottie, Horace Grant and others.


( Love the vintage Air Jordan gear Mike's rockin' in this picture )

( Peep the personalized "Fear 33" Illinois plate )

( Horce with the drop top BMW sitting on MOMO's! )

Here's a few of the sneakers listed for sale.

Thank NT Member "Shoebacca" for the link.

Air Jordan 2009 Movie “Extraordinary Abilities”

Less than a week ago, the world was introduced to the next chapter of the Jordan Brand legacy, the Air Jordan 2009. Controversy over the sneaker’s unique design and innovative concept is still being debated. However, it seems Jordan Brand has much more in store for us than just the Air Jordan 2009.

It appears there’s a Jordan Brand promotional film in the works. The film is still in it’s developmental stages, so only a little information has been released. The film is said be titled as “Extraordinary Abilities” and a set of teaser clips, like the one below, will release throughout the year to build anticipation for upcoming Jordan products. Each teaser will tie in with new Jordan releases & the film as a form of viral media marketing.

As you can already tell, the first video features the Air Jordan 2009 and includes some epic special effects. I remember when I thought Air Jordan's actually could make you jump like that!

Thank for the info.

Undefeated X Eric Elms

It's rare that a Jordan themed collaboration slips by me, but I recently stumbled upon an old collaboration UNDEFEATED did with an artist by the name of Eric Elms back in 2007. I had to post it.

Undefeated took Eric's drawings and printed some limited editon serigraph's.

I will be looking for these shirts on ebay tonight!

For more of Eric's art check his site at

Michael Jordan’s Retirement - 10 Years Remembered

It was today, 10 years ago, on January 13, 1999 that the game of basketball forever changed.

The man that was the face of a sport and a league for more than a decade left the game. Michael Jordan’s second retirement wasn’t his last, but the game was never the same after his exit as a Chicago Bull.

Nike put together a touching video that was played at commercial break following Michael Jordan’s announcement that he would never suit up again for the Bulls. Thank you again Mike for all the memories, and thank NiceKicks for the story.

I'd like to add my personal story to the Nice Kicks story...

For alot of people Michael Jordan was just a basketball player, a superstar you saw on tv selling products and on your local news sports highlights etc etc...

But for me Mike was part of my life. Before I started playing basketball I was just a young dorky kid with no kinda style and no real intrests besides little kid shit.

Once I tryed basketball I fell in love with it. I started playing everyday. I was watching every game I could on tv. And for some reason our cable got Chicago's local WGN and televised they televised all the Chicago Bulls games.

My hometown of Miami had just recently got a basketball team, the Heat, and my mom started taking me to the games. I got my first pair of Air Jordans. The Black Infrared VI's! From there I was hooked.

I started collecting basketball cards and the only shit I would wear was NIKE, I got all the cool ass basketball videos from back in the day like Come Fly With Me and Michael Jordan's Playground, NBA Super Stars etc etc. I joined the basketball leauges and went to the park EVERYDAY!!! I would play until the lights went off. My first time watching the NBA Finals was Mike's first title against the Lakers.

From that moment on I followed Mike's career like I worked for ESPN. I was in the Michael Jordan fan club, my room looked like a shrine to the god of basketball Michael Jordan. Anything with Mike on it, I stashed it or hung it up on my wall.

I'm sure that many of you share the same story with me. So today really is an important day in basketball history. This was the end of an amazing career that I really enjoyed being a part of.

I was there for the best part of the ride. Yea yea I know Mike came back, again, I was there for that too... but come on, that shit didnt count. Besides I was already into my mid 20's, I had alot of other things I was into by then. But i'll never forget the game that gave me style, and the man that defined that style.
Thank you Michael. You were my hero. No one will ever do it like you did-

A Fan for life,