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Gilbert Arenas


Mike Chillin' In The Club

Mike was spotted with his girlfriend this past weekend at LIV nightclub on South Beach.

Thank for the flick.


Russell Calls out Jordan

I bet Don King could set this up.



Jordan in Brixton 1985

I say it all the time, no matter how many rare vintage Jordan videos I see, another one always pops up on youtube.

Check out this video of Michael's first trip to London way back in 1985...

A little interview and some really dope footage of Mike in a pick-up game with a few of the local Brixton ballers.


All that OG Nike Air Jordan shit was too fresh, and Mike was always stunting with that choked up heribone gold chain...

I love these old videos. I seems like they just keep poping out of the wood works.

Thank youtube member "roughstate" for the link.


Cabbie X Michael Jordan

Very Dope, Very Funny.


Jordan vs. Russell

After being singled out in Michael Jordan’s naming names speech for his Hall of Fame induction, Byron Russell had a message for Michael Jordan.

Bring it!

Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be waiting in California – in my basketball shorts.

“I’ll play his ass right now,” Russell told Yahoo! Sports. “This is a call-out for him to come play me. He can come out here in his private jet and come play. He’s got millions of dollars. He can pay for the jet. He can meet me at the Recreation Center in Calabasas.

“We can have Mark Jackson do the commentating. We can have Mitch Richmond do the officiating. We can put it on TV and see if Michael’s still got it.”

Of course a Russell versus Jordan one-on-one match wouldn’t be on par with Ali versus Frazier, but how cool would it be to see Jordan and Russell play a real game of 1 on 1.

In case you forgot what happened the last time Byron Russell guarded Michael Jordan, here’s a reminder...

Spike directs students to "Do The Right Thing"

Acclaimed screenwriter, director, actor and poet Spike Lee offered advice about life and career decisions to a standing room only crowd at the Cox Auditorium at UT Monday night. The event was hosted by the Black Cultural Programming Committee, the UT Film Committee and Minority Student Affairs.

Shelton Jackson "Spike" Lee, known for ground-breaking films and documentaries like Malcolm X and When the Levees Broke, directed the crowd of students and general public to do something with themselves. He emphasized the importance that his education played in his life, and encouraged students to keep their grades up and always do the right thing.

Lee spoke about growing up in a Brooklyn neighborhood where film-making was not the most well-accepted trade to follow. He studied at Morehouse College and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication.

Lee placed great emphasis on the idea of finding one's passion in life.

"I was very lucky because I found out before it was too late what I love," he said. "I repeat - I found out what it is I love."

"When you do what you love, it's not work. Work is going to a job you hate," he added.

Speaking mostly to the students in the crowd, Lee continued his lecture by telling students to think of the future, graduation and job-searching everyday. Lee said decisions made during college can often have future ramifications.

With the immense success of his Hollywood film career, Lee gave insight into his film making decisions. He said that for his film career, he was inspired to go out into the country to represent the diversity of the African-American spirit.

"I didn't become a filmmaker to become famous," he said. "I didn't become a filmmaker to be wealthy. I became a filmmaker because I love filmmaking."

Lee also commented on the idea that media and reality type shows have given young people the wrong idea about how life really operates. Reality shows, he said, teach people that laziness will result in a quick buck with no work involved.

"I don't care what you want to do," Lee said. "You have to work."

Staying vigilant and strong was a continuous undercurrent in Lee's lecture, and he further admonished that college is the time when a person must take some initiative in life, maybe for the first time.

Lee concluded with the thought that there are always repercussions to the choices that people make, which is a main idea in his films.

Thank for the story.


Leroy Smith: "My Gift to the Game"

Another Leroy Smith Classic...


They just don't make music like this anymore...

Your my hero Leroy.

The HOF Speech: That's Mike

Who knew that a man who hardly said anything controversial in 25 years in public life could cause such a buzz in his Hall of Fame induction speech? But Michael Jordan's remarks Friday night in Springfield at the Basketball Hall of Fame have stirred quite a debate.

There are essentially two camps: those who think Jordan's comments were a candid, funny, raw, refreshing and perfectly representative of the ruthlessness with which he played; and those who think one's Hall of Fame induction speech should be much more deferential, gracious and appropriate than Jordan's was.

Someone took the opportunity to criticize Jordan as a "competitive sociopath."

My reaction was to be surprised at the reaction of people who were so stunned. What did they think separated Jordan from merely great athletes? Almost certainly it was the controlled rage with which he played every single night of his life and probably 90 percent of the practices in which he participated. A less ruthless Jordan would have been, well, Clyde Drexler...

If it sounds as if I'm praising Jordan for this trait, I am. It's as much who he is as the wagging tongue. I covered most of Michael Jordan's career, from the NCAA title game in 1982 when he and the Tar Heels beat Georgetown to his two years with the Washington Wizards, which he didn't even refer to during HOF weekend (no surprise there either). Starting in about 1994 I had more access to Jordan than most reporters, and by 1997 it simply evolved that we became friends. But I always knew that everything, to Jordan, was a slight and he never forgot anything.

Quick story: In the early 1990s when Alonzo Mourning was on a tear and evolving from good young player to NBA All-Star, my sports editor George Solomon told me to follow Mourning for a few days and write about him, seeing as there is always interest reader interest in a Georgetown alum who was becoming a star. I went to Chicago for the first stop because it was always great to measure an up-and-coming player against the reigning champion Chicago Bulls and because I could sneak home for a minute and see family in Chicago -- and I could see Jordan play, which was always like going to the theatre.

Anyway, I went to the Bulls locker room, chatted with Jordan for a few minutes, asking him during that time about Mourning and what he thought of his development. It dawned on Jordan I had come "home" (his and mine) to write about Mourning, not the Bulls, not MJ. And Jordan took great delight, beginning in 1982, in beating Georgetown players. He never let Patrick Ewing forget who won that NCAA championship game. But this was something Jordan could use on some non-descript night to get into his pre-game rage.

"So you came home to write about one of your Georgetown boys?" Jordan said, becoming annoyed. "You didn't come to see me; you came to see that Georgetown kid? Suppose he doesn't score tonight? What you gonna write in The Washington Post then?"
Jordan was full-on by then and I'd seen this enough to know to pretty much shut up -- though I did say, "What do you mean, 'suppose he doesn't score?' "
Jordan said, "What don't you understand about, 'he ain't gonna score'?" I felt bad that Mourning was going to pay for this slight more than me.

Keep in mind Mourning was averaging about 20 points per game and Jordan, a guard, wouldn't be the guy guarding him ... not exactly.
I wish I could remember the exact game and find the box score, but I recall that when Jordan left the game the Bulls had a huge lead and Morning had three points. The Bulls defense had smothered Mourning, and Jordan had a couple of those swoop-in strips on double-teams Mourning never knew were coming.

In the locker room afterward, Jordan called me over and said quietly, "Listen, don't be rough on Mourning in your story. ... He's going to be a great player. ...His left hand isn't there yet though. He can't go left. I knew we'd overplay him and not let him go right and he couldn't really score on our defense. ...But don't go crazy criticizing him; he'll figure it out ...okay?"
Yep, got it.

There were times Jordan would talk to me at the Berto Center where the Bulls practiced. More than once we sat in the complete dark while he put his shoes on because the lights of the gym hadn't been turned on yet.

One morning we talked just about Dean Smith, Phil Jackson and Jordan's own father, James, who had been murdered. We'd lost our fathers at about the same point in life (me at 27 him at 30), though for very different reasons. Proving ourselves to our fathers was central to both of us. So no, not everything was trash talking or making a competitive point. I was trying to remember over the weekend if I ever heard anybody get the best of Jordan in a verbal exchange, and I came up with one example, just one.

At dinner one night in Washington when Jordan was running the Wizards -- so this was the 2000 season, I'm guessing -- one of Jordan's older brothers, Larry (a damn good player himself at one time), was on the wrong end of some needling from Michael.

Larry's probably, oh, 5-foot-8 or 5-9, though MJ always calls him "5-4, 5-5" as he did during his induction speech.
Anyway, Larry waited politely until his younger brother finished a rant and said, "Michael, if you hadn't had that growth spurt., your ass would have wound up working at Pep Boys."

The laughter seemed to last forever. And nobody at the table laughed harder than Michael Jordan.

Thank Michael Wilbon for the story.


Mike's Hall of Fame Speech

The best that ever did it...

Thank you Michael.


It's Love...

Seeing Mike get inducted into the Hall of Fame really puts life into perspective for me, I turned 30 years old a few months ago and I have been a Jordan fan since the late 80's...

I literally grew up on Michael Jordan.

Mike has been a part of my life ever since I was a little kid in elementary school, and to see his Basketball career officially end tonight really makes me feel like an old man...

Sometimes I wish I could go back and just re-live the whole ride.

Thanks for all the memories Mike.

Here is one of my all time favorite Michael Jordan highlight videos, set to the music of Jill Scott...

It's Love.


Barkley on Michael Jordan

Charles Barkley on the phone with ESPN talking about the first time he met Michael Jordan, his biggest game, and alot of other topics related to the HOF induction.


Michael Wilbon Interviews Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan sits down with ESPN's Michael Wilbon to talk about his Hall Of Fame career.

Great interview...


Basketball Hall of Fame Ceremony Tonight

Red Carpet at 6:00 pm, Ceremony starts at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN.

Mike's HOF Press Confrence Coverage

My favorite quotes...

"If everybody wants to Be Like Mike, I guess that starts with a haircut and a sun tan"

"There will never be another Michael Jordan"

Being Like Mike




MJ Mini Golf Contest

How would you like to go to the Bahamas for free, play golf with Michael Jordan, chill with every celebrity you could ever imagine, all in a pair of brand new underwear?

If you said yes, then you gotta check out this contest Hanes is running:

I'm not the type of guy to enter a contest but this is too sweet... Check out what the one lucky winner will get:

One Grand Prize winner will receive a 5-day, 4-night trip to the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational ("MJCI") at the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas, held January 20-24, 2010. Prize trip includes:

Roundtrip coach-class airfare for winner and a guest between major airports closest to winner's residence and the residence of the winner's guest and Nassau International Airport;
Ground transfers between Nassau International Airport and the Atlantis Resort for two (2) people;
One double-occupancy room at the Atlantis Resort for four (4) nights;
$500 room credit for incidentals and meals not provided during tournament events;
VIP tickets for winner and a guest to the MJCI Dinner Party and Concert and the Tournament After-Party, and two (2) tickets to watch both rounds of the MJCI Celebrity-Amateur Golf Tournament and both rounds of the MJCI Golf Tournament.

Last year every celebrity I can even imagine was at this event...

Even my homie Bill Clinton was chilling with Mike.

I know this will not help my chances of winning but f*ck it...

Enter Here:

Good Luck!


'85 NBA Award Show

The video below shows Mike accepting his "Schick Pivotal Player Award" (never even heard of that before) with a short highlight reel from his rookie season.

This video has some footage I have never seen before...

Just uploaded to youtube the other day with only 25 views when I posted it so i'm sure you havn't seen it either.


Here is another clip from the same award show when Mike recieves his Rookie of the Year award.

Again, a short high light reel filled with all kinds of rookie year action.

Listen to the end of the video as a young humble Mike jokes about retiring after only his second year in the leauge.


Thank youtube member "sport1sports" for the link.

More Vintage Michael Jordan Footage

The video below is full of really dope highlights...

But you gotta see these 2 highlights at the 20 second mark & 2:10 mark.

The break-away dunk at 20 seconds would have scored a 50 in any dunk contest, I would love to see a super slow mo replay of that dunk.

And the abusive behavior towards Reggie Theus at the 2 minute and 10 second mark is classic Michael Jordan. The attempted steal, then the sneak up from behind and pick the pocket, the half court foot race to basket, Mike goes up, gets hacked, and still makes the bucket.


Thank youtube member "sport1sports" for the link.


The Artistry of Michael Jordan II: Outtakes

The Artistry of Michael Jordan video highlights by Hoopsencyclopedia are by far my favorite collection of Michael Jordan highlights on the internet.

Last month we showed you The Artistry of Michael Jordan II...

Here is The Artistry of Michael Jordan II: The Outtakes.


Thank you "Hoopsencyclopedia", I am a big fan of the Michael Jordan historical archiving work you have been doing over the years, nobody does it better.