For everyone that like's Mike.


LeBron teams with McDonalds, stars in remake of classic Bird & Jordan commercial.

First LeBron takes Mike's jersey number...

Now he's taking his commercials.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar and McDonald's have agreed to a multi-year endorsement deal. Financial terms of the contract aren't currently known, but James has already filmed his first ad with the company.

It's a remake of the classic "The Showdown" commercial, and it will air before the Super Bowl.


Mike on Leno

10 @ 10

Can't stand Leno, but that was a great Jordan interview.



Kids Blk/Red VI's

I'm not in love with the Mens 2010 version of the VI's but the kids version is pretty dope.

Lucky White Kids

"Jordan does it to Cleveland again"

One of my favorite games Mike played in Wizards uniform.

Thank youtube member "KarlMalowned32" for the link.

Concord's vs. Columbia's

I Love these guys...

@ 1:45 shit hits the fan.

Baseball Practice

Hoover Metropoltian Stadium


No Pain No Gain




I'm in love...

I don't know how some of you Jordan Heads feel about the vintage treatment Jordan Brand added to the upcoming AJKO release but I love it.

It's actually like exactly what I want, a very vintage looking pair of air jordan I's, but the comfort of a brand new sneaker. ( and a few hundred dollars cheaper! )

I personally love the stained mid soles and oxidized soles, its dope, I dont know how JB did it but they did a really really good job.

I remember when Nike dropped the Jordan Pack dunks, everyone was hating ont he piss yellow mid soles, everyone except for me! I loved it, that what made me want them even more. I hope that Jordan Heads can appreciate how dope of a sneaker this is.

Its releases like this that allow me to forgive JB for all the crap they drop!

I kind of feel bad for all the hood spots that gotta sell these... I can see it now...

"Eh Daw, dez Jays got dirt on dem, come on brah, let me get a clean pair...

They came like dat?

Ah hell nah, fuck it, let me get dem fusions instead!

LOL, I know its gonna happen...

Hey Jordan Brand, i'm sorry for all the shit talk in the past, dropping the Powder Blue IX's and the AJKO's with the pissy mid soles in the same year...

Thank you!


Come Fly With Me