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Jordan vs. Adidas

The fight over the feet of Michael Jordan’s son is not over...

Last Thursday, Marcus Jordan, the Hall of Fame guard’s younger son, told the media that he’d honor the University of Central Florida’s contract with adidas by wearing all the apparel with adidas logos on it but he would not, however, take the court in the shoes. Citing family pride, Marcus said he would be in Nike’s Air Jordans, named after his father, of course.

Soon after the comments were made, UCF athletic director Keith Tribble told AOL’s Fanhouse that the freshman could make the decision for himself since there had been a previous precedent set with a UCF football player who wore a different brand of shoe due to the fit.

But adidas spokesperson Andrea Corso told CNBC that no compromise had been reached with the school.

“We are in negotiations for a future relationship regarding the broader UCF athletic program,” Corso said. “What I can say is that these relationships are based upon agreed deliverables for both parties.”

Translation: The story that adidas had buckled on this one might be what UCF is saying, but it’s certainly not what adidas is saying. adidas officials won’t talk contract specifics, but it appears as though adidas might have the right to change the terms if they don’t get what they were promised.

While some might think this is all about Nike vs. adidas, it seems like it’s more about potential breach of contract. And although it’s bigger than Marcus Jordan, Jordan’s shoe defection is very public and could potentially be costly to the university.

We’re wondering in the coming days if Tribble is willing to take say, tens of thousands of dollars (maybe even hundreds of thousands) less on the shoe deal, to allow Jordan to wear his father’s shoes.

The Jordan brand doesn’t make softball uniforms like adidas does, but maybe Tribble is counting on the original MJ to bridge the gap in donations.

Mos Def @ House of Blues Houston

Mos Def rocking MJ's Billie Jean live on stage...

Mos Def even busts out the moonwalk in the penny loafers, then drops the Randy Watson version of The "Greatest Love Of All"...

Sexual Chocolate!


Air Jordan Retro II 3M

Pretty crazy AJ II dropping soon with a handful of 3M...

I got some LIKE MIKE 3M shirts dropping soon, would be a perfect match.

They are saying these are part of a the History of Flight pack dropping next year...

Stay tuned for more info.


AJKO Retro in 2010

Yes! Another gem dropping from the Air Jordan line...

First the Space Jams, Infrared VI's and now the AJKO's!

Man let me just get these sneakers and just retire...

Thank you JB!


Mike's First Championship Run '91

Enjoy this look back at Mike's first championship run back in 1991...

This is what Jordan's 1990-1991 championship journey looked like:

- Jordan wins scoring title while making 53.9% of his shot attempts
- Named NBA Most Valuable Player
- Named to the All-NBA First Team
- Named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team
- Leads Chicago Bulls to their first NBA title
- In the 1991 NBA Finals Jordan posted per game averages of 31.2 points on 56% shooting from the field, 11.4 assists, 6.6 rebounds, 2.8 steals and 1.4 blocks
- Jordan won his first NBA Finals MVP award by a unanimous decision, and he cried while holding the NBA Finals trophy.

The Bulls in the 1991 Playoffs:
Jordan led the Bulls to a 3-0 sweep of the Knicks. 1991 New York Knicks ranked 12th in the NBA in defense.

Jordan led the Bulls to a 4-1 dominating series victory against the Sixers. 1991 Philadelphia 76ers ranked 14th in the NBA in defense.

Jordan led the Bulls to a 4-0 sweep of the Pistons. 1991 Detroit Pistons ranked 4th in the NBA in defense.

Jordan led the Bulls to a 4-1 dominating series victory over Magic Johnson and the L.A. Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals. The 1991 Lakers were the 5th highest rated defense in the NBA that year.

Jordan led the Bulls to a 15-2 record in the Playoffs that year.

Jordan faced 2 top 5 NBA defenses in the playoffs that year:
1991 Detroit Pistons ranked 4th in the NBA in defense
MJ 29.75ppg 5.3reb 7.0ast 54%fg
(High scoring game: 35pts)

1991 L.A. Lakers ranked 5th in the NBA in defense
MJ 31.2 points 11.4ast 6.6reb 56%fg
(High scoring game: 36pts)


Mike's 3rd NBA Game 10.29.84

Watch Mike drop 37 on the Bucks in his 3rd NBA game...

22 in the 4th quater.


Thank youtube member "Balthus23" for the link.


White Infrared VI's in 2010?

Found this picture online today...

They say the White Infrared VI's are dropping next year....

That is the best Air Jordan realated news I have heard in a long time.

No bullshit, I've wanted a pair of White Infrared's since I was in elementary school.

I remember one of my close friends got a pair. I was so damn jealous. I used to STARE at his feet.

At that time I'd never had a pair of Air Jordans yet, and honestly, I never thought I would.

Back in them days a pair of Air Jordans were very very hard to come by. Not to many kids I knew got sneakers that cost over $100, that was some serious money for a little kid 20 years ago. I had to fight with my mom for years about them wack ass sneakers she would buy me. I had to fight my way up the sneaker ladder from bo-bo ass payless shoes to a sneaker with a name some people actually heard of.

My first name brand sneakers: British Knights! Yeaa the fucking BK's, Burger Kings, Butt Kickers.

You know that little gold diamond on the side was fresh...

Yea right! Then you seen your friend walk by with the Nikes that had them visiable air bubbles and you were like damn, these sneakers Im wearing suck.

Remember when you thought you could jump higher with them air bubbles? Damn I used to actually day dream about Nikes. I just used to image that you had like a fucking pogo stick under your feet with the air bubbles...

Anyways, I finally moved up to a pair of Nikes and I eventually got my first pair of Air Jordans, the Black VI's, found them on sale in some sporting goods store on vacation to the west coast of florida, to this day they are my favorite Air Jordans, Maybe it was Little Richard and his magic lamp that granted me the wish?

I wore them sneakers until they had holes in the front and the back...

But the White Infrared VI's have been that shoe I always wanted and thought it would never happen. Jordan brand has gave us the VI's in ever color way you can think of but not the Infrared. I never thought they would actually retro it. Well if JB blesses us with this sneaker next year I will be first in line with my $150 bucks. I've only been saving it for 20 years!


Craig Ehlo & Bryon Russell

The thread that ties Craig Ehlo and Bryon Russell together is one that's based on Michael Jordan burying a game-winning shot against them.

From one victim to another, Ehlo advised Russell to stay quiet about wanting to challenge Jordan after he called him out in his Hall of Fame induction speech.

"I would tell Bryon, 'Just let it go,' " Ehlo told FanHouse. "It happened, and it's a great memory. But you don't want him to go out and embarrass you, and let it happen twice."

Jordan's jumper over Ehlo in Game 5 of the 1989 first-round series between the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers clinched the series.

His jumper against Russell in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals featuring the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz secured Chicago's sixth title.

As for Ehlo, he wasn't offended Jordan didn't refer to him in the Hall of Fame speech.

"He doesn't need to mention me," Ehlo said. "That shot holds its own water. It's been on a Gatorade commercial and on ESPN Classic. He doesn't need to mention it anymore."