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Sneaker Pimps Miami Recap

What a night...

Sneaker Pimps killed it again!

Shout out to my homie Curtis with DXC, See you on the 20th playa, and congrats to my homie Peter from Sneaker Pimps on the little girl about to turn 1 years old. Its always a dope show when your crew comes to town.

The jam was in the Moore Building in the design district...

A perfect venue for Sneaker Pimps.

Didn't really get a chance to go and take flicks of everything during the event, but heres a few I got to snap before the show started.

This was my favorite part of the show, the video system collection and all the video system guns. Pretty dope.

Here's a few shots of the LIKE MIKE table.

The Cool Kids came thru reppin' that LIKE MIKE...

Mikey Rocks in the new "BASKET BULL" tee & Chuck in the "Million Bucks" tee.

My homie ABSTRK & Malice of the Clipse...

Nice shirt playa... Exclusive!

Pusha T. chillin'

My homies Tyrone & Sam of Bird Club Clothing

Cocaine Cowboys Infamous Mickey Munday & my homie Ed from Culture Kings

If you don't know about Mickey Munday I suggest you go rent Cocaine Cowboys.

My homies chilling at my table.

I got them young and old wearing LIKE MIKE, this guy came to the event rockin the King of the Jungle. Nice shirt man!

I got Mad respect for this homie rocking our first LIKE MIKE shirt we ever dropped, the Original "HE GOT GAME" still looking crispy!

Me and the homie Abstrk

Mike SB & his lady

Female Sneaker Fiend Paparazzi

Raise it up!

Da Bottom Clothing doing they thang...

Stop Rocking Fakes!

The young hustlas...

Came thru with jeep full of kicks!

My man Typo reppin' for 004 Connec.

ATOMIK MSG TSC 28 004 Connections!

Best designer in the game...

Female Sneaker Fiends

Female Sneaker Fiend & Chuck is Dope!

This crazy ass dude rocking the "MIAMI STYLE" shirt I designed for my other clothing line.

FDC X 28

Even the ladies LIKE MIKE.

My homie Jimmys Bravo Toro Baby.

My boy Clem with the custom LIKE MIKE i-phone wall paper.

Orlando & Alexis from Invazion.

My homie Corey from Treason Clothing.

My boy Steve chilling, glad to see you at the jam bro!

The homie Derrick G. in the building!

So The Cool Kids got the party started...

Thanks for rocking the new LIKE MIKE "BASKET BULL" shirt homie!

Here's a few clips from the performance.

Thank youtube member "kickrobot" for the videos.

Much love to The Cool Kids, MikeyRocks, Chuck, Rich & the rest of the Cool Kids crew.

I got that package in the mail ASAP!

If you missed it you missed a really good show, check out the Official Sneaker Pimps Miami '09 Recap video by Derrick G. & Dro of



Thanks for everyone that came out and showed LIKE MIKE love, We droped the new LIKE MIKE ONLINE STORE today, all the new LIKE MIKE shirts are available for only $23 bucks!

Check the link on the top of the blog.

A big thanks to Print Giants for the 24 hour turn around on the business cards and to my homie Skore repping that, last time I check that video was pushing 300 Thousand, your the man, thanks for my banner and the camera homie. I owe you big time!

Stay tuned & thank everyone for your support of LIKE MIKE CLOTHING~