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Memory Lane

Today's Memory Lane picture comes from NIKETALK member "MightyMYT".

Looks like Mike is at some kind of NIKE exhibition game in Germany.
I'm guessing the picture is from the late 80's by the other players sneakers. Maybe 1988 or 89.

If you look close you can see mike rockin' an old school friendship bracelet on his wrist.

I guess Mike made some friends overseas.


Anonymous said...

This pic seems to be from @ earliest '90. Like maybe '90-91-ish? One of the player is sporting the grape IV's and I noticed MJ start sporting the threaded bracelets around that time as seen in the pic. They also started selling them in the AJFC around that time and seen in alot of his blk/wht Mars(is it the shoes)/gravity posters. I purchased the threaded carolina/wht color and a red/gold color around that time. The shorts look suspect as well with that big logo as '90 was the last year we saw the logo heavily tilted fwd. From then on going into 91 it began to shift and appear str8 up and down(like on shorts), with his right arm stretched out longer down his side. I noticed the logo start to get bigger also in the '90s and not so minimal/low key when they started doing the whole AIRJORDAN across the jumpman with "AIR" placed inside the "JORDAN". I'm really enjoying your blog. I could go thru your pages all day! Thank you for sharing, it is an honor to view such rare images. Your collection is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Correction, the guy to the left is wearing the grape V's. It was early when I posted.