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Gatorade X Jordan Brand

Gatorade & Michael Jordan are teaming up again, but this time it’s not for a commercial…

They are teaming up for a special release in Feb 2009 of a “Gatorade” Version of the Air Jordan VI. This is leading alot of people to wonder if it could be in fact the retro return of one of the most popular Jordans ever the VI “Infrared”.

I personally hope that it is because the history between Mike and the Gatorade Brand is the inspiration for my whole Like Mike concept, and the Infrared VI's were my first pair of Air Jordan's I ever had, and they are still my favorite pair of Air Jordans hands down.

We’ll keep you updated on any more info we get on this release…

***Bonus flick***

Peep this Custom Gatorade Version Bike for Jordan's Suzuki Team

Thank Sneaker Files for the heads up.

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