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Mike is not a hands-on exec with Bobcats

One of my prep reporters told me the other day he saw Michael Jordan at his son's basketball game at Chicago State recently...

So if the Charlotte Bobcats and their fans are wondering where their managing member of basketball operations is, and it appears some are wondering, they might want to check Whitney Young's schedule.

Our discussion was about how not too long ago MJ needed bodyguards to attend one of his son's games, but now it's much more laid back. Yes, Charles Oakley and Dickey Simpkins were with Michael at the Young game recently, but Oak hasn't been his bodyguard for a long time.

It sounds like MJ would cause more of a stir if he showed up at Bobcats' game.

Check out these Larry Brown quotes: "'I talk to him a lot, and he throws out suggestions. I wish he was around all the time, but I'm always in contact with him.''

Considering the Bobcats are 8-18, even after their bad-call-aided win over the Bulls on Tuesday, you would think the head of basketball operations would be around quite a bit. Even if it's just to create a buzz and draw a bigger crowd than the 11,225 who were there Tuesday.

But Michael's never been known as the most hands-on executive. He was criticized in Washington for spending his time in Chicago, and the pattern appears to be repeating itself.

But you have to give it to Michael. He's still The Man when it comes to moving merchandice. His $230 Nike Air Jordans go on sale next Tuesday, and already two dozen kids lined up outside an Atlanta store.

As far his ability to draft quality players? Not so much. His first pick was Adam Morrison at No. 3 in 2006. Morrison averaged 11.3 points as a rookie then missed his sophomore year with a torn ACL. Morrison is averaging just 5.6 points this season. D.J. Augustin does look good, averaging 13.9 points as a rookie and put on a veteran move to draw the phantom foul against Derrick Rose.

Brown also said: "I came here because of Michael, no other reason. I'm not disappointed in what's happened so far. I don't think he believes it's going to happen overnight."

So let's read between the lines for a moment. Brown said he wishes MJ were around more, and he's not disappointed yet.

I don't want to read too much into it, but that doesn't sound like the most efficient coach-boss relationship. I'm not saying Brown is upset with his GM, but there would seem to be a better way to run a team.

And as far as the "overnight" comment, Jordan joined Charlotte in June, 2006. The Bobcats won 33 games in 06-07 and 32 games last season. This is his third season in charge, that's not overnight.

Who knows, maybe Michael is scouting and studying tapes 24 hours a day. Or at least during the time he's not watching his kids play.

Thank Roman Modrowski of the Chicago SunTimes for the story.

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