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Mike Buys A Humble Three Bedroom in Miami

It seems Michael Jordan and his 30 year-old Cuban-American beau Yvette Prieto have indeed bought a 3-bedroom house together in Miami for whopping $281,000.

Instead of building on the two lots he bought at the Bears Club in West Palm Beach last year, the retired basketball superstar took a 30-year mortgage and is playing house in modest suburban Miami with his new galpal, Cuban model Yvette Prieto.

Must be love!

According to Miami-Dade County records, the 30-year-old hottie and Mike now co-own a home in the Highlands at Kendall gated community just west of Miami.

It’s a small humble thing, compared to what the 46-year-old Jordan is used to. Property appraiser records list the three- bedroom home at 5,500 square feet.

But it’s anonymous enough. None of the neighbors realize that the six-time NBA champion is on the deed of the SW 92nd Terrace two-story villa.

Said the sexy-voiced Prieto: “I can’t talk about the house just yet. Sorry.”

The lovebirds, last spotted together at the NBA All-Star game in Phoenix Feb. 15, paid a down market $281,000 for it.

They took out a 30-year, $196,000-mortagage. Yep. One of the best-paid basketball players ever actually went to Suntrust Mortgage for the cash.

Why? Probably because Prieto, who’s also a mortgage holder, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2002. It took her two years to get her finances straightened.

Fucking Mike will get your finances straightened out real quick!

Thank my man Dro from for the heads up.

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