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New LIKE MIKE Shirt: "Carolina Blue Kicks"

So the Powder Blue IX's are dropping on Saturday, alot of people are really excited about this release, this is one of my favorite pairs of Jordans so I had to come correct with a dope shirt to match.

The Powder Blues...

It's always nice to see a dope pair of Air Jordans get it's retro cherry popped.

It's been 16 long years since these beautiful sneakers were originally released.

I've wanted a pair of Powder Blue's since I was a freshman in highschool back in 1994.
I think like 7 different people came to school the next day rocking the same out fit.

A crispy pair of Powder Blue's, and the North Carolina Michael Jordan rookie jersey.

And that was the first time they dropped Mike's college jersey.

This was the picture that popped it off...

At the time Mike was retired, just wrapped up the first 3-peat and was playing baseball.

Then Nike dropped this ad and this sneaker really took off, or at least it did where I live down here in Miami.

So it's been a while since I have really dropped a new LIKE MIKE joint and I wanted to come correct for one of my personal favorites.

So I put together this concept based off the track Mya & Jay-z did, the remix of "Best of Me".

Peep the video if you havn't seen it in a while.

Jigga killed the remix with 2 classic punch lines, "Yes y'alln' Jigga man be ballin" & "Carolina Blue Kicks, Hottest Nigga on the Block".

If you remember the next lyric then you will get the concept of the shirt.

I linked up with my homie "9-Teen" to take my concept and lace up the hand drawn version of the image in my head...

And he killed it!

I'm not sure whats better the front or the back of the shirt...

The design came out better then I expected, hope everyone that loves the Powder Blues as much as I do will pick up the shirt.

Click HERE to get yours now.
Only $23.00

Stay tuned, i'm dropping alot of the designs I've been holding back for a while.

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Escobar1681 said...

My man comin through.... Glad I could be of any help.

High school crossover/ waved away picks !!!!!!!!!