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"Jordan Heads" Last Shot Re-Cap

Chicago Sun Times reporter Cheryl Jackson covered the final filming shoot last Saturday for the upcoming "Jordan Heads" movie .


"For Air Jordan aficionados, it really is the shoes".

August 24, 2008

Heeding the call of moviemakers documenting the cult of Air Jordan sneakers, they trekked from across the country Saturday to stand in front of Michael Jordan’s statue at the United Center.

About 150 devotees of that Nike brand sported their favorite selections, while carrying other pairs in backpacks and original boxes and special packaging to show off — for a scene in “Jordan Heads,” a documentary about their subset of sneakerhead culture.

“They take this a bit more seriously than the average sneakerhead,” said Calvan Fowler, director of the Daydream Filmworks production. “There’s a man and a legacy involved.”

Filmmakers also interviewed a Chicago area 17-year-old who works three jobs to feed his Jordan addiction, a mom who had a specially secured room built for her kid’s Jordan collection, and a local man who has 402 pairs of Jordans, in an attempt to translate the love of the shoe to movie screens.

“What’s not to love?” said Damien DeAnda, 16, of Chicago. “You can wear them to ball; to the mall; to go out. Michael Jordan flew above and beyond, and it’s reflected in his shoes.”

Between shots, this gathering of Jordan fans — on the 23rd, by the way — admired each other’s kicks. A pair of Georgetown team shoes that a Bulls staffer came out of the United Center to show off, and a pair of Fusion 3’s that won’t be available for purchase until next month but were sported on the feet of one participant, drew much attention.

The documentary (, expected to be completed next year, is unlimited in its appeal, asserted Fowler, who is from Brooklyn, N.Y.

“It should appeal to anybody who has an interest in popular culture, Michael Jordan or sneakers in general,” he said. “I’ve done this all on my own dime. It’s definitely a labor of love. I’ve refinanced my house twice.”

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has this movie dropped? i was part of it in chicago and i would love to see it!