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Lebron Talks About Mike's Famous Game Winner Against Cleveland

Lebron Talks about his Game Winning shot at the Buzzer in Game 2 and compares it to Mikes famous Buzzer Beater against Cleveland.

Hearing Lebron talk about that 5-4-3-2-1 annnnnnnnnnnnnnnt brings back memories as a kid on the basketball court, Lebron knows exactly whats up... How many times have you just dribbled the ball around the court doing the shot clock count down and launch a 3?

I think Mike's game winner was a little more important since it was a game five game winner on the road... But i'm not taking anything away from Lebron, that was an amazing shot, and Lebron said it himself, that was the biggest shot of his career.

Hopefully the Cavs can knock out the Magic and get another chance to win an NBA title.

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