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ToysREvil gives us a look Coolrain’s newest work - Dunkeys. If you aren’t familiar with Coolrain’s work, Google their Monsterz Crew collection. They’re some extremely dope vinyls dressed in Nike Sportswear gear. Dunkey’s do not stray to far from that as they can be seen rocking Nike SB Dunks.

“Korean urban 1/6-customizer and figure-creator Coolrain drops word of his upcoming two 1/6-creations: DUNKEYS = his second series after MonsterzCrew and his first collaboration work with sEMAN10cM. Pre-orders begin May 1st 2009 for the articulated 1/6th-scaled PITHECUSE and PITHECUSE B/W.

WHAT-IS: DUNKEYS = Dunk + Monkey. Dunkeys are characters that are a apart of a larger story-concept dubbed “preyBall”.”

Check out more flick in these slide shows:

Thank ToysREvil & Premium Plus for the info.

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