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White Infrared VI's in 2010?

Found this picture online today...

They say the White Infrared VI's are dropping next year....

That is the best Air Jordan realated news I have heard in a long time.

No bullshit, I've wanted a pair of White Infrared's since I was in elementary school.

I remember one of my close friends got a pair. I was so damn jealous. I used to STARE at his feet.

At that time I'd never had a pair of Air Jordans yet, and honestly, I never thought I would.

Back in them days a pair of Air Jordans were very very hard to come by. Not to many kids I knew got sneakers that cost over $100, that was some serious money for a little kid 20 years ago. I had to fight with my mom for years about them wack ass sneakers she would buy me. I had to fight my way up the sneaker ladder from bo-bo ass payless shoes to a sneaker with a name some people actually heard of.

My first name brand sneakers: British Knights! Yeaa the fucking BK's, Burger Kings, Butt Kickers.

You know that little gold diamond on the side was fresh...

Yea right! Then you seen your friend walk by with the Nikes that had them visiable air bubbles and you were like damn, these sneakers Im wearing suck.

Remember when you thought you could jump higher with them air bubbles? Damn I used to actually day dream about Nikes. I just used to image that you had like a fucking pogo stick under your feet with the air bubbles...

Anyways, I finally moved up to a pair of Nikes and I eventually got my first pair of Air Jordans, the Black VI's, found them on sale in some sporting goods store on vacation to the west coast of florida, to this day they are my favorite Air Jordans, Maybe it was Little Richard and his magic lamp that granted me the wish?

I wore them sneakers until they had holes in the front and the back...

But the White Infrared VI's have been that shoe I always wanted and thought it would never happen. Jordan brand has gave us the VI's in ever color way you can think of but not the Infrared. I never thought they would actually retro it. Well if JB blesses us with this sneaker next year I will be first in line with my $150 bucks. I've only been saving it for 20 years!

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