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Logo Drama posted a story today about a recent Nike hosted photo shoot of the US Olympic Basketball team, but there has been a little bit of controversy spreading online about the placement of Dwight Howard’s hand and Coach K’s foot. Dwight Howard is the only USA Team member who is signed with a non-Nike affiliated brand.

All the players except Howard are either signed to Nike, Jordan Brand, or Nike owned Converse.

Those are the facts, but with any controversy all that matters are opinions. Do you think that Nike, being the official sponsor of the USA Olympic Team and host of this photo shoot, intentionally placed Dwight Howard where he is with Coach K’s foot obstructing his foot to block the Adidas logos?

This wouldn't be the first time the Olympics caused some logo placement drama. Back in '92 Mike had beef with the Reebok warm-ups worn in the medal ceremony. Mike even crossed out Item 14 on his Olympic contract regarding the Reebok suit to be worn during the medal ceremony.

"Anyone not wearing the uniform won't get up on the medal stand," said Mike Moran, spokesman for the U.S. Olympic Committee. "To me, this would an act of arrogance that backfires on any player who does it."

"I feel very strongly about loyalty to my own company," Mike said. "If we win the gold, I'll make my decision then. If it comes to the point where they can't bend a rule, then I'll make my own suggestions.As long as we win the gold medal, they can give it to me any way they want. It doesn't matter how I get it. I just want to get it."

As we all know, the Dream Team crushed every team it faced and Mike eventually found himself on his way to receiving his second Olympic gold medal.
Nike being the crafty crew that they are found a very patriotic way to get around this logo dilemma, Mike worn an American flag over his shoulder strategically placed over the Reebok logo.

NiceKicks reader "PIKE" left a comment that really sums up the whole situation.

It's a quote from Charles Barkley:

"I have millions of reasons to be loyal to Nike."

Thank for the original story.

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