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53 in '87

On youtube no one shows love for the Mike better then "hoopsencyclopedia". A 35 year old Jordan Head with an extensive VHS collection of classic MJ games full of highlights most heads under 25 have never seen.

"Because the greatest there ever will be will never be forgotten.

The numbers and accomplishments are immeasurable. The moves and moments are indomitable. The impact on the game, social culture and sports history is transcendent."

I have personally watched almost every precisely edited videos on his youtube channel. They cut off all the fat and leave you with nothing but the meat. Here is another one of my favorites. A Bulls home game from 1987 verse Clyde's Portland Trail Blazers. Watch Mike drop 53 in just over eight minutes of video.

Hoopsencyclopedia breaks down the highlight reel:

In the 80s, MJ was Air Jordan and this game was your typical showcase of his unique and unparalleled athleticism during his 37.1ppg year.

With his supposed nemesis Clyde Drexler in town, MJ raised it up just a tad and basically took on the entire team by himself, bringing them back throughout the whole game for the win in the final minutes.

With drive after drive, MJ was firing on all cylinders while earning his charity shots the hard way. Not one three point attempt was even taken here to break 50. Even more dominant perhaps in addition to his 20 buckets on 59% shooting was his defense. Covering the entire floor at all times, MJ was seemingly everywhere. Look at MJ going insane after having his block called a foul in the end with the game already in the bag with seconds left.

That is the reaction of someone seeking supreme dominance.

As Barkley said, MJ doesn't just want to beat you, he wants to win every play and dominate you so you'll never think the same way again.

You can see MJ just looking to kill people on the drive whenever he had the ball and you never knew what shot or pass might be created in that moment. Thus was the joy of watching the master of improvisation in his athletic prime.


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