For everyone that like's Mike.


'87 Chevy

I'm a sucker for vintage Michael Jordan.

I love just about anything related to Mike from the 80's or 90's.

And classic Jordan commericals are no exception.

The Gatorade "BE LIKE MIKE" commerical is the inspiration behind the whole LIKE MIKE CLOTHING concept and the LIKE MIKE Blog.

Ever since I started the blog I have always tryed to share as many of the vintage Jordan commericals as I could find. And just when I think I have seen them all I come across another one.

Here's the latest commercial I found. A Chevy commerical from 1987. Nothing special about it. It's actually pretty stupid, but I just love that old shit, and If your reading my blog then you probaly like it too!

Here's another old Chevy commerical featuring Mike from the late 80's.
I call it, "Did a couple doughnuts".

Thank youtube member "shahtoosh" for the videos.

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