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Rochester Boy Plays Basketball With Mike

Within a year of reaching for his bottle, Anthony Iglesia reached for his first basketball.

The seven-year-old has been practicing in hopes being like his favorite player, Michael Jordan.

"He's a great basketball player and he's aggressive. He's strong!" Anthony said.

Two weeks ago, he and his parents headed to Santa Barbara, California for Jordan's five-day youth basketball camp. They never expected that out of 600 kids, Michael Jordan would pick Anthony as his teammate for a game of two on two going up against San Antonio's Tony Parker and another child.

Although he felt a little nervous, Anthony kicked into high gear sinking lay-ups and two- and three-point shots.

Anthony’s father, Gerard Iglesia, coached basketball at Rochester's School of the Arts for more than a decade.

"It's funny because a lot of times I tell him, 'Anthony, you don't need to shoot from way out there,’ you know, when he's practicing," he said. "As a father and as a coach, the only thing better than me playing with mike is watching my son go out there and shoot the ball."

But, in the Iglesia household, basketball is on the backburner to academics and never pushed. Anthony's mother, Karen Iglesia, is the founder of Iglesia Educational Centers.

At the end of the shoot-around, Jordan's placed a proud hand on Anthony's head.

"He said I'm the best 8-year old at the camp," Anthony said.

Anthony found that funny because he's actually still seven.

Here's the video of Mike and Anthony.

Thank Channel 13 in Rochester, NY for the story.

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