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Mike's Dirty Laundry

Looks like Kobe is not the only one doing dirt in Denver...

An old story resurfaced on ISS today about Mike and Adult Film Star Kylie Ireland's alleged one night stand in Colorado back in 1993.

Enjoy this radio interview as Kylie goes over the details of the night she claims she got slammed by Mike.

The story originally came out in 1996 in Sexpose Magazine, three years after the incident occurred.

Here's Kylie's original story from that magazine interview.

Ireland: "I was working at a strip club in Denver. The Bull were in town to play the Nuggets. Some of the Bulls came into the strip club I was at, The Diamond Cabaret in Denver. Michael Jordan was sitting there with a bunch of people.

All the girls were around him. I knew it was Michael Jordan, and I loved to meet him but I didn't want to fight through all these girls. So I just ignored him. He said I was the only girl who ignored him and he found me intriguing. So I went and did a couple of table dances for him. This club I was dancing at had a five star restaurant so the girls could go next door and have dinner with the customers, that type of thing. I went next door and had dinner with him. He was very nice. Gentleman. Great conversationalist- a snazzy dresser.

He's a really good guy. I really was impressed. At the end of the night he was you want to come back to my hotel? Sure. He was really cool. Yeah, because he was famous I decided to go. But if he'd been an asshole I wouldn't have gone. But it was just the fact he was really cool and I really liked him, too. He was married and still is married. He was telling me about his baby girl Jasmine that had been born at that time. We were consenting adults and that was our decision. The story didn't even come out until 1996. Over a pizza and a bottle of wine I told the wrong story to the wrong person.

The next thing I knew they were going to print it in the magazine. They said we want you to read the story and see what you think. It was all wrong and so I went, ah, man, just let me write it. And so I wrote the story in my own words and that's how it came out in Sexpose Magazine. If you can find a copy of that anymore, I have a few that I'm selling off on eBay because I only have a handful of them myself. And you can read the whole story. It's also on my website, too. He was really cool. To end the story he offered to take me in a limo back to the hotel. I said I have a car, I can't leave it here.

He was like I'll ride with you then. I'm like, okay. The funny thing is I drive a Honda Del Sol at the time. It's a very small car. Michael Jordan is a very tall man and his knees were grazing the dashboard and his head was grazing the roof. It was like stuffing him into a tin can. And then on top of that on the way to the hotel, despite the fact that I grew up in Colorado, I got us lost in downtown Denver. There's a mess of one-way streets. I told him I'm not crazy stripper, I'm just lost. We went back to his room and had a good time.

He wasn't really kinky or nasty or anything like that. But the question I get asked is did he go down on you. Yes he did. We did several different positions. Before we started going we were rolling around and kissing and fondling. He was, oh, I don't have a condom. He picks up the phone- whoever- a teammate or I don't know, towel boy, condom boy, I don't know what they have. Hey, he goes can you get me some condoms. Next thing you know they're slipped under the door. They were actually too small. He had to pick up the phone and call again. Once the condom issue was solved we went our merry little way. That was it. It was a fun night. I don't regret doing it.

I've never slept with anybody else famous. And I get the accusations- even now- ten years later, that you're just telling it because you want to get some money out of him. If I wanted money I would have told the story the next day. The fact that it came out three years after the fact, and now, I'm still getting mail from people going you're just trying to get money out of him. Yeah, ten years after the fact I'm trying to get money. Whatever. That's it in the nutshell, the Michael Jordan story. It is a true story.

Before they would even run it in the magazine, they made me take lie detector tests. They sent out a private detective to talk to people who had seen him in a club, and people at the hotel who saw us together. That type of thing. It's all documented. And people get their tail feathers all in an uproar over it. He's a consenting adult. He made the choice to do it just as much as I did it. He never told me I couldn't tell anybody. Like I said, I didn't tell it the next day. If you're going to sleep with a famous person, and he was my first black man, Michael Jordan's the one."

It's really up to you if you belive the story or not, but either way it's a great story.

Mike lost in Colorado riding shotgun in a Honda Del Sol with some crazy ass white stripper bitch having condoms slipped under the hotel room door.

Kobe is becoming more and more Like Mike everyday.

Thank Vulkan the Krusader for the youtube link.

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