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Who is LaBradford Smith?

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted stuff on great Michael Jordan moments, so, what better time than now to write about another legendary tale in regards to Mike.

Has anyone ever heard of a former Washington Bullets player named LaBradford Smith? Hands up, any readers out there? Oh, put your hands down if you’re related to Smith, or are friends of the former Washington player. No?

Well, allow this writer to relate a tale involving MJ and Smith which is both hilarious and illustrative of the almost fanatical will to win from Jordan.

During the 1993 season, the Bulls were playing against the Bullets and Mike was guarding a little known player named LaBradford Smith. This young upstart managed to drop 37 on Jordan and one could easily assume that His Airness was taking a night off defensively because he was a monster at stopping opposing players. Or, maybe Smith was just greater than Jordan, depends how you want to look at it.

The game is close and the Bulls won, but Jordan is furious that Smith had the temerity to embarrass the greatest like that. Even the win wasn’t enough to appease Jordan’s fury, and by a quirk of the scheduling the two teams would meet again the next night!

After the game MJ vowed to teammates that he was going to get back all 37 points Smith dropped on him by the first half!

Adding a further flapping red cape in front of the angry Bull, Jordan claimed that Smith also taunted him after his seminal performance with the words: “Nice game, Mike.” Telling all who would listen that LaBradford trashed him.

Everybody believed Jordan, the Bullets and Bulls players, while Smith never denied the fact that he taunted him. The legend grew with Washington players passing on the tale at how LaBradford zinged the greatest basketball player of all time.

So, the scene was set the next night when the two combatants would face each other again and Jordan was almost true to his word – he ‘only’ scored 36 points in the first half, with a jumper rimming out as the second quarter came to an end.

Want to know the best part of this tale? Are you ready for the twist at the end of the story? Jordan made up the fact that Smith had trashed him, in fact Smith never said a word, but MJ needed further inspiration to school LaBradford so told everyone that he was disrespected. Amazing.

Here's the video of Mike lighting up Smith for 36 in the first half.

Thank for the story.


Drew said...

I know alot about LaBradford Smith. I 'dated' him for 4 years 1998-2001. During this time he was having financial problems(because no NBA team would pick him up) and marital problems. Yes, he was married and claimed for years to be working on divorce. I lived at his house in New Territory in Houston, so I believed him. In 2000 I filed for bankruptcy to the tune of $38000.00 which he racked up in credit card debt in my name. He promised me for years he would "never leave me with this debt". A year later I had another woman call me from Baltimore and I heard a repeat of my story and time with LA. At this time she was trying to sue him and his wife Erika was divorcing him. This is the LA that everyone needs to know about. So, does anyone know where he is and what he is doing at this time-Nov 2009!?? Drew Mitchell-Houston 713-514-7665

Anonymous said...

LaBradford Smith is a THEIF...he stiffed us. Here is his contact info.

5022 Ardossan Square
Louisville Ky 40241


Anonymous said...

It is too bad about LA. He could have been a great guy. This is a sad story about someone who used his 4 yrs of fame to " lure " women into his " I used to be in the NBA " fantasy world. He screwed over my best friend. She was another woman in this web of deception...

Anonymous said...

I love continuing to get blogs posted about LaBradford Smith...and his lies and stealing peoples lives. In truth, what he has done to sooooo many women is so hurtful and takes years to recover from financially and emotionally. I would love to get media attention on him.
Drew Mitchell 713-514-7665

Anonymous said...

I was a fool in believing in him for many many years. He never financially hurt me , but we had a very serious relationship off and on for 20 years or more . I made the horrible mistake in trusting him again and believing in him, and once again he fucked it up by not being honest . Saddest part is he knew I was the one he could always be honest with , I never needed him for anything , we just have always had a strong emotional connection , and foolish me I fell for it again .. Now his second wife is pregnant with their second baby , all the while he was involved with me and who knows how many more , and he lied about it . I would of never found out if Trisha wouldn't have called me .. But yet his very naive self thinks she has no idea.. I say foolish her , it must be hard being that desperate to settle for someone you know doesn't really love you, I just thank god it's her and not me

Anonymous said...

" thank god it's her and not me ". I'm sure that's what God is all about

anonymous kid said...

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anonymous kid said...

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Unknown said...

I was talking to him for a little while until I found out he was engaged to N.... I will not say the entire name. But yeah definitely like to get women with I use to be a great basketball player. When I heard of his parties on the radio at the kyes I thought well I guess he was someone. I never heard of him until a mutual friend introduced us. I ended it a few months. Too many women. Sorry for the ones that actually trusted him.

TAPP Channel said...

Ohhhh which basketball player didn't meet a numbers of girls during his NBA career??? You girls are jumping on those players sticks and afterwards when the things didn't work out your are crying that they are cheaters!!! In 1998-2000 LA used to play ball in Poland so I dont know what kind of relationship you've had!!