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1988: 38pts Vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

With the Cleveland Cavaliers becoming one of the major division rivals to the Bulls during these years, MJ consistently elevated his game against them with a playoff type attitude during the late 80s.

Perhaps UNC family member Brad Daugherty stirred the pot as well. But this time, up and coming MJ-lite Ron Harper was also in town and that meant a small statement probably needed to be made. While MJ routinely killed the Cavaliers during these years with multiple 50+ point games, this time, he tore apart a collapsing Cavaliers defense with quick smarts to get quick shots for a quick start. The usual MJ acrobatics were mixed in for fun and entertainment as the Bulls rode MJ's lead to cap the game early so he could rest his young legs.


Thank "Hoopsencyclopedia" for the video.

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