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Choppin' Down Nets

In basketball a chopped down net is the ultimate symbol of victory.

Mike got his first taste back in '82...

And on Saturday Mike's son Marcus got his first taste of the "chopped down net" as his highschool team won the state championship.

The guys from K1X have paid tribute to this ultimate honor in a very dope way...

Check out this fresh new design called "Chopping Down Nets"

My man Tom from K1X hooked me up with a little surprise in the mail today...

Good looking out homie!

The design is ill, with the net wrapping all the way around to the back of the hoodie.

Here's another nice K1X shirt they sent my way...

I love the splatter paint basketball hoop design, the details are dope, embroidered K1X logo, and the material is really nice, similar to Nike's Dry Fit, but in my opinion, much more comfortable.

Much love to whole K1X crew...

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