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Commercial 1-on-1: Jordan vs. Wade

It's hard to avoid the Michael Jordan shadow when you're a star guard in the NBA. But now that Chicago-area native Dwyane Wade is stepping into the limelight with a possible MVP campaign with the Miami Heat, it makes sense to bring it up.

Naturally, I thought after his recent 48-point highlight reel against the Bulls, "How similar is Wade to Jordan?" Not just in a basketball sense, but in the way he conducts himself away from there - commercials, marketing, shoe products, the whole works.

Leaving their personal situations out of the picture (albeit similar story lines), these two men are married to the game of basketball in an eerily comparable way.

And rather than a hodgepodge of lists validating the comparison, I thought these two commercials were strong proof: Walking, talking hoops icons who create drama resembling a movie preview, but not needing the Jerry Bruckheimer special effects:

Thank Charlie Corr of the Chicago Sports Examiner for the story.

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