For everyone that like's Mike.


Rest In Peace to the King

Today is a sad day for all Michael Jackson fans...

Mike passed away today at 50 years old.

I feel for the family & all the fans, but i'm glad that Mike is in a better place now. You don't have to work anymore homie. Take a break, relax and enjoy the legacy you left behind. I was fan since I was a little kid, and I been a fan even when being a Michael Jackson fan wasn't cool.

Here's a look back at the making of Michael Jackson's jam video featuring Michael Jordan.


Being in the t-shirt business, after hearing that Mike passed, I could only think of one thing to do. Make a shirt to honor the man. I would have put more time and effort into the shirt, but i'm going to New York at 7am for Sneaker Pimps and I know alot of MJ fans will be in the building.

This is my tribute to the man I grew up listening to, and will listen to until I pass way. Thanks Mike for all you gave the world.

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