For everyone that like's Mike.


Any night I perform Like Mike

The Notorious B.I.G. said it best...

"Any night I perform Like Mike, anyone Tyson, Jordan, Jackson..."

Well Biggie wasn't talking about the night of February 11th, 1990...

That was the famous night that Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson.

Here's the video of that world famous KO.

For everyone old enough to remember when Mike Tyson was the biggest baddest mutha fucka on the planet they know how crazy that shit was. Mike Tyson was thought to be "unbeatable" before that fight. And it seems like Mike never really recovered from that knock out, his career has been one embarrassing headline after another ever since that night.

Little known fact:

The very same night half way across the world, another famous Mike got knocked out...

Mike Jordan.

No, he didn't get knocked the fuck out like Mike Tyson, but Mike did get knocked out of the NBA All-Star 3 Point contest in the first round by fellow Chicago Bull teammate Craig Hodges.

Thats right, Mike actually tried his luck at the 3 point contest during the NBA's 40th All-Star Weekend in Miami and failed miserably.

Jordan scored a 3-point contest history low 5 points.

Don't believe me, let the video do the talking.

Thats ok Mike, we all remember what you did in game 1 of the 92 finals...

Just ask Cliff Robinson if Mike has a nice 3 point shot.

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