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One of my all time favorite movies.

What more could a die hard basketball head ask for?

A movie filmed and directed by Spike Lee, starring Ray Allen and Denzel Washinton, all set to the sound track of Public Enemy, with cameo's from Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Shaq, and ton of other NBA and college players and coaches.

"HE GOT GAME" is a classic flick for all basketball fans.

Here's the trailer:

If you havn't seen "HE GOT GAME" yet I suggest you add it to your Netflix.
Alot of dope 90's Nike basketball shoes pop up in this flick.
The Air Jordan X's, Penny Foams and the Jumpman Pro SE's just to name a few.

But the real star of the show for the sneakers goes to the Air Jordan XIII's that Denzel cops fresh outta prison and rocks the whole movie.

The HE GOT GAME movie inspired the first LIKE MIKE shirt ever released. And now after a year and a half the HE GOT GAME shirt is back!

The "HE GOT GAME" shirt is a perfect match for the Air Jordan XIII's. Get yours now for just $23 plus shipping. Shirts available now!

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Bounus Video:

"He Got Game" Public Enemy

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