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Since my site is called LIKE MIKE "CLOTHING" I thought I would talk about some of my clothing on this post.

First off I want to say thank you for everyone that has made a purchase on the site and at the events we did over the last month. I just want each and every person to know that I appreciate all the love and support I have received.

Here's a look at some of our top sellers over the last month.

This one is called "KEEP YA HEAD UP"

I came up with the concept out of the clear blue sky, no thought, it just came to me, I got with my graphic designer and from the time we started the design was done in 30-45 minutes tops. Sometimes its the simple quick clean designs that do the best.

The photo is from the 1993 NBA playoffs, Mike was on the brink of making history and completing an NBA first 3-peat. Not something that is an easy task and this photo says it all.

In '93 2Pac dropped the classic "Keep Ya Head Up" track, when I saw this photo the phrase "Keep Ya Head Up" just popped into my head and I knew it had to go on a shirt.

This design is dedicated to every hard working person struggling to meet their goals, weather its trying to win an NBA Championship, or if its as simple as trying to earn enuff money to pay your rent. Keep ya head up, and keep hustling. Like Mike said in one of his books, "Nothing of value is gained without being earned".

Enjoy the song that inspired the name of this shirt, 2 Pac's 1993 Classic, "Keep Ya Head Up".

Now this shirt was a break from the norm as far was designs go. We call this shirt "A Million Bucks"

Now most of my designs up until this point were very Jordan based and didn't stray from that theme to much. But I came up with the idea and I thought damn, this concept is too damn fresh not to do.

We took the Milwaukee Bucks logo and spiced it up a little bit and the added the cherry on top with the Slick Rick eye patch.

What we have here folks is a winner!

This shirt is one of my top sellers and it has nothing to do with Jordan.

And like alot of my shirts, classic Hip Hop was the inspiration.

Enjoy Dougie Fresh & my man Ricky Ricky Ricky killing it live on stage.

Now this shirt is the first shirt we ever designed for the LIKE MIKE line, we actually released it as the 2nd shirt, but it was my first ever design and it is still hands down my best seller. I call this one the Original LIKE MIKE '88.

It's just a classic shot of Mike from the 1988 Dunk Contest. I would consider this image of Mike more on the rare side of dunk contest photos. And it is still one of my favorite photos of Mike in action of all time. Mike looks like he is in zero gravity just floating to the hoop and almost looks like hes going to hit his head on the rim. We did the shirt in over 20 different color schemes and everyone is a winner.

The shirt is a classic and it will never get old. The shirt was such a hit that I designed a part two that I never released. It was the LIKE MIKE '87. I have been sitting on the design for almost a year, expect to see the LIKE MIKE '87 by the end of the month.

And last but not least the Michael Jackson Tribute shirt.

This has been the most talked about, best selling, most personal shirt I have ever made.

I grew up on Mike. Way before Mike Jordan, I liked Mike Jackson. I have been a fan since I was very young and continued to be a fan even when being a Michael Jackson fan was NOT cool.

I designed this shirt 30 minutes after I heard he passed on that Thursday afternoon, I printed 2 dozen and took them with me to New York the next day for Sneaker Pimps.

Wearing the shirt around NYC the day after he passed and at Sneaker Pimps made the whole experience for me unreal. People stopping me on the streets and talking about MJ. Fans coming up to me and just dealing with the situation. At first I was kinda happy for Mike, he didnt have to work anymore, or try to please us. He could rest now, and not be judged. He was finally free from being Michael Jackson.

But as times goes on I now feel bad for Mike, my girl said something that changed my mind. Mike didnt wanna go. He had more to prove. He wanted that one last chance to prove to everyone that even with all the negative shit, he was still MICHAEL JACKSON. And i'm sorry he didnt get the chance. But his music will live on longer then any of us.

Thank you for all the hard work Mike, your legacy will live forever.

Rest in Peace to the best that ever did it.

Michael Jackson, the king of entertainment.

I am going to take my time and release a few more Michael Jackson shirts, just for the real fans, coming from a true Michael Jackson fan.

Stay tuned to the blog for LIKE MIKE "CLOTHING" posts as I break down some of our other top sellers.

And just so you know, all LIKE MIKE shirts are only $23 at the online store.

Go check out the store by clicking on the LIKE MIKE CLOTHING ONLINE STORE logo on the top right section of the blog or just go to,

Thank you for your support!


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