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See the infamous dunk Lebron didn't want you to see!

Tonight at 6:45 is going to air the infamous dunk that Lebron & Nike didn't want anyone to see.

You know what i'm talking about -- the legendary moment where some virtually unknown college kid blasted a two-handed dunk right in King James' FACE -- at his very own LeBron James summer basketball camp!

LeBron's & Nike reportedly confiscated all video proof, but TMZ finally found the one SURVIVING copy of the moment LeBron became LeBitch ... and it's awesome!!!!

TMZ is going to premiere the footage on the website at 6:45 PM EST.

Do you think the dunk is as bad as everyone said it was?

Stay tuned.

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Bob Getty said...

haha, can't wait. My guess: will be ultra-unspectacular.