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For most Jordan Heads the AJ XI's are usally top of the list when you talk about your favorite Air Jordans.

And finally the Air Jordan XI "Space Jams" are being re-released.

The original retro version that dropped in 2000 is actually the O.G. since they were never actually released when the original XI's dropped back in '96. Mike only wore then in the movie and a hand full of NBA games.

I have never owned this shoe but have always wanted a pair, and now on Black Friday I get my chance to finally get my pair.

I think I might even get 2 pairs, I'll need a fresh pair for my wedding day!

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Anonymous said...

when this came out the first time. i think this is when people really started going crazy for jordans. because i copped the retro concords with no problems when they came out and a couple of months when the space jams came out mad people were outside footaction going nuts. luckily i had my hookup and got my space jams for $90 (30% off)