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Pharaoh of Pop?

The Pharaoh of Pop doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as The King of Pop, but visitors to Chicago’s Field Museum could swear that’s Michael Jackson's face on a 3,000-year-old Egyptian bust.

The spitting image limestone sculpture has been on display at the museum since 1988, but recently started drawing attention because of its likeness to MJ --- complete with disfigured nose.

Unfortunately the bust, which was carved sometime between 1550 B.C. and 1050 B.C., is of a woman and MJ likely never had the chance to see the statuette.

“I have no idea whether Jackson ever visited the museum,” a Field spokesperson said to the Sun-Times' Michael Sneed. “But the similarity between the limestone statue of a woman – which is about 3,000 years old --- and Jackson is astounding.”

I was going to add the "Remember The Time" video to this post for the obvious Egyptian connections and but something else caught my eye that I wanted to share with you instead...

A true Michael Jackson fan will love Kina Grannis's cover of "Remember the Time".


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