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Retro's in the Hall of Fame?

Just found this picture of the new Michael Jordan display at the Basketball Hall of Fame...

Really disappointed to see that Jordan Brand put up some retro's instead of the Original Jordans from that year...

Looks like the 1's are the pantent leather I's maybe, and the 3's are some unrelased sample fire red's. If you look close you can see the 3's, 4's, and 5's, and most likley the 6's, all have jumpmans and not the NIKE AIR that belongs on the back of the sneakers for the Hall of Fame display.

This is supposed to used to educate the younger generations. You should be able to take your kid there one day and say, you see these Air Jordans right here, I got them when I was in 5th grade 30 years ago.

Its like going to a car museum and seeing a replica instead of an original classic car. My grandpa would have been like look at this piece of shit. This is not what I had back in '55. This is a joke.

Does that make sense to anyone else besides me?

They should have had me put that display together... I would never have let the retro's ride like that.

I would have hunted down 1-23 all original exactly what Mike wore or would have worn on the court...


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