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Attention all Teachers and Educators.

A message from Michael Jordan to all Teachers and Educators.

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The Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program was born out of my firm belief that education is the key to opportunity and to building commitment among students to the core values which foster personal excellence and achievement.

The core values which serve to guide the Jordan Brand are known as Brand Truth’s:

Authentic, Uncompromised, Earned and Aspirational.

They embody the principles by which the Jordan Brand and I have excelled and achieved beyond all expectations. It is in that spirit the Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program awards one million dollars annually, to teachers across the country, who motivate and inspire students toward achieving excellence. These grants are given to support teachers and provide access to additional resources.

Your school may be eligible for the Jordan Fundamentals Grant Program.

For information about the program, including eligibility requirements, please visit:

The program is presented by the Jordan Brand, a division of Nike, Inc. and administered by Compass Consulting.

Innovation Grants: Grants averaging $2500 will be awarded to individual teachers for projects that will impact classroom innovation and improve instruction.

Inspiration Grants: Winners of Innovation Grants may apply for an Inspiration Grant. Grants totaling $10,000 will be awarded to teams of teachers in support of scaling-up implementation of approaches developed with Innovation Grants.

The application deadline is March 30.

Much Respect,

Michael Jordan

Interested in becoming a member of the volunteer/peer Jordan Fundamentals Selection Panel?

Copy n' Paste this web address more information.

Thank my beautiful girlfriend/struggling inner city elementary school teacher for the heads up.

Good Luck!

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