For everyone that like's Mike.


Be Like "Mike Dream" R.I.P.

I thought you guys would enjoy this music video by Bay Area Filipino artist Nump, a dedication to the late Mike ‘Dream‘ (R.I.P.) graffiti writer of the TDK crew straight out of the Bay.

They used Gatorade's "Like Mike" theme song to create a music video in his memory.


Eight years ago on February 17 of 2000, Dream was murdered in Oakland, shot by an unknown person.

As a fellow writer that has lost crew memebers I feel your pain and I hope Dream's name lives in the streets forever.

Our love goes out to the TDK crew, and to the rest of Dream's family and friends.

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Dream was one of the most well-respected old-school Oakland kings, a teacher and friend to many writers worldwide.

Rest in Peace Michael Francisco a.k.a. "King Dream" and all the other homies no longer with us.

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"Dream, but don't sleep!"

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