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Who is Jashaun Agosto?

For everyone that does not know who 11 year old Jashaun Agosto is....

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Allow me to introduce.

How does an eleven year old kid get skills like this?

Hard Work every day of the week.

Peep the work out routine:

Two days of track, two days of strength and conditioning, three days of AAU basketball. Seven days of father and son at the community center.

Ask Jashaun if he ever gets tired of sports, and he says, "Probably, like, once in a blue moon. Because we'll be doing the same stuff, and it'll get too easy for me."

That's when his father will turn up the intensity, inventing more challenging drills. "A lot of the things I tell him to do, I can't even show him".
Jashaun figures it out, however. He's a rare combination of athletic instincts and intelligence, talent and temperament. He's so gifted, yet so polished.

He rarely breathes hard and barely sweats. After recently joining the Seattle Speed Track Club, a nationally competitive youth team, Jashaun learned the reason for his incredible endurance.

A test at a Seattle sports clinic revealed he has an astonishing aerobic capacity. Doctors determined his VO2 max, which measures the ability to transport and utilize oxygen during exercise, and Jashaun received a score of 66.

It's a shockingly high number for a child, and by the time Jashaun goes through puberty, his VO2 max is expected to be higher than most world-class athletes. He could jump into the 80s, putting him in the same range as Lance Armstrong and Steve Prefontaine.

I can hear the ESPN theme music in the background.

Keep up the hard work Jashuan!


Anonymous said... is a website with a report about him!!

Anonymous said...

entonces el es biologicamente superior eh?

eso me molesta un poco pero bien por el... tubo suerte al nacer

Anonymous said...

You copied this article from the Seattle News!! I just read it!!

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