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Tribe Called Quest x Air Jordan Shirts

Jordan Brand has just dropped the shirts to go with the upcoming Tribe Called Quest x Air Jordan 1.

Taking inspiration for the graphics on Tribe’s 3rd album, Midnight Marauders, which is their highest selling album, and features faces of the crew behind a graphic that screams early 90’s.

Jordan Brand drops a black and white tee featuring the same graphics as the album cover but using MJ’s silhouette, on top of the many faces of Michael in the background.

Not exactly an original idea for Jordan Brand but I still love it.

Now I feel like might be over doing the Tribe video posts on here but i'm going to do it one more time...

First I did this post when UNDRCRWN droped Tribe inspired shirts and then again when Rock Smith linked up with UNDRCRWN for Tribe inspired shirts... So this may be the final time I post Tribe inspired shirts along with all my favorite Tribe videos.

Classic's never get old...

Here We Go Yo! Here We Go Yo!


Check the Rhyme

Award Tour

Electric Relaxtion


Oh My God

Thank for the pictures.

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