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What's G?

If you are a sports fan then you might have seen this recent ad on tv during one of the NFL playoff games, it features Lil' Wayne asking the question,

"What's G?".

The black & white screen rolls from left to right showing a long list of atheletes young and old... Over and over you hear Wayne( with no vocoder thank god ) asking the question "What's G?" giving many possible answers... But once you reach the end of the commerical you expect the big logo with the catch phrase of whatever they are trying to sell, but nothing, all you get is a big "G" and Wezzy tellin' you "G" is the Heart, Hustle, and Soul of the Game.

So what is "G"?

Check out the video and see if you figure it out.

Well it's not a Nike or Jordan Brand commerical, even thou it sure looked and sounded like one.

And of all people, it was directed by my man Spike Lee.

So what is "G"?

"G" is the inspriation for the whole LIKE MIKE concept...

"G" stands for Gatorade.

The company that made you "Wanna Be Like Mike".

A spokesperson for the brand acknowledged it indeed was a Gatorade ad, that the goal was to create some intrigue with the campaign. Well it worked for me...

Very intriguing Gatorade.

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