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The Art of Siggi Eggertsson

In my never ending pursuit of content for the blog I landed on the website of Siggi Eggertsson, an artist from Akureyri, Iceland.

Sounds really cold there... Anyways, I just wanted to share some of Siggi's art work with all of the Like Mike readers.


This was his graduation project in The Iceland Academy of the Arts back in 2006.

It's a patchwork quilt, based on his childhood memories. It measures 2x2.5 meters, and it's made out of 10,000 pieces. Looks like Mike had fans all the way out in Iceland. Good job Siggi, i'll be looking for it on later on ebay.

Now this is what caught my eye on google while searching for images on the previous blog post...

His 2007 “Athletes” exhibition in Vallery, a gallery in Barcelona.

It featured 13 portraits of his favorite athletes all done in an 8-bit video game style. These are my favorite 3 from the series. I have a feeling some of these will end up as your avatars on nike talk and iss...

In addition to Mike, Scottie and Dennis, Siggi also showed love to a few other of my favorite athletes.

My white brother from another mother, Larry Bird lookin' tuff with the black eye.

And the man that promised and delivered a championship to my beloved Miami Heat, Shaq Diesel.

This is my favorite quote from Siggi's site:

" be honest, today I'm no longer really into sports. I don’t work out and I almost never play basketball. I just sit in front of the computer, draw, drink and smoke. But for some weird reason I love to read about sports, to see how the games went, who scored the most and so on. Occasionally I go to a bar to watch big and important games, while smoking and drinking..."

This guy sounds alot like me.

Check out more of Siggi Eggertsson's work at

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