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Air Jordan 2009 Movie “Extraordinary Abilities”

Less than a week ago, the world was introduced to the next chapter of the Jordan Brand legacy, the Air Jordan 2009. Controversy over the sneaker’s unique design and innovative concept is still being debated. However, it seems Jordan Brand has much more in store for us than just the Air Jordan 2009.

It appears there’s a Jordan Brand promotional film in the works. The film is still in it’s developmental stages, so only a little information has been released. The film is said be titled as “Extraordinary Abilities” and a set of teaser clips, like the one below, will release throughout the year to build anticipation for upcoming Jordan products. Each teaser will tie in with new Jordan releases & the film as a form of viral media marketing.

As you can already tell, the first video features the Air Jordan 2009 and includes some epic special effects. I remember when I thought Air Jordan's actually could make you jump like that!

Thank for the info.

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