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Watch your mouth Jerry

Bulls vs. Sixers, 1996. This was one of the few statement games by an older and wiser Jordan. With rookie Jerry Stackhouse mouthing off to the press about how he held his own against Mike during his summer-UNC warmup sessions, Jordan was quietly enraged. To add to that, Vernon 'Mad' Maxwell was upset that the Bulls were getting so much press with MJ's return after retirement that he spewed nonsense to the press as well. It awoke the sleeping giant.

This video is a perfect example of what Mike did when you ran your mouth before a game.


With cool and calm efficiency, Mike destroyed the two in this game. Toying with Stack the whole game, Mike frustrated him into shooting 4-11 for 13 pts. Smothering Mad Max the other half of the time, Mike ruined him into shooting 1-8 for 4 pts. On the other end, Mike chose to hit 64% with a butter-like J to go 18-28 in 3 quarters for 48 pts and 10 rebounds. With his exploits responsible for a 30 point lead, Mike rested the 4th, iced his knees and asserted his physical and mental mastery of the game while marching his way to a record 72 win season that year.

Welcome to the NBA Jerry.

Thank "Hoopsencyclopedia" for the video.

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