For everyone that like's Mike.


Mike Check

I started a new feature on the Like Mike Blog that allows YOU, yes YOU the reader to contribute!

We want you to be a part of the Like Mike Team and have your voice heard by all the Like Mike readers.

I call it Mike Check.

How do I participate in Mike Check you ask?

Very simple.

Just email your story to

We are looking for any stories that people that Like Mike would enjoy.

You can write about anything, be creative. Maybe you have an interesting personal story you would like to share. Maybe you met Mike one time, or have a fond memory of going to a Bulls Game back when Mike was playing, maybe you would like to show off your Air Jordan Sneaker collection or maybe just a picture of you rocking your favorite pair. Maybe you have a rare video clip you would like to share or a rare photo of Mike.

Anything that has to do with Mike we would love to see!

Send all submissions to with the title "Mike Check", make sure you attach all photo's, links to stories, video codes, etc etc.

If your story is approved it will be featured on the blog and you will receive full credit for the story.

Thanks for your support,


Like Mike Clothing

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