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Behind the Swoosh

Like Nas said.....

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" I'm a Nike head...
I wear chains that excite the feds."

I don't wear chains that excite the feds...

But I been a Nike Head for almost 20 years now.
The first time I saw the Air Bubble I wanted it so bad!
I drove my mom nuts until she finally gave in.

She couldn't get away with taking me to Payless for a pair of Bo Bo's anymore!

If it didn't have the big ass "NIKE AIR" on the back I didn't want it.
And everything that had that Nike on it, I wanted it, the shoes, the shirts, the shorts, the hats, the wrist bands and head bands, the socks the backpacks anything with a swoosh or a Jumpman I wanted it!

Almost 20 years later and not much has changed.
Nike's and Jordans are my only choice of footwear.
Nike puts so much into the concepts and designs of the shoes.
The style, performance, comfort and of course the neck breaking ablitiy.

I'm gonna be buried in a pair of Nike's.

But Nike's being exposed for some of its questionalble labor practices over seas.

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I have always heard about this problem, but never saw or read anything about it until now.

If you consider yourself to be a "sneaker head" then you should take a few minutes to watch these videos.

As a guy that grew up eating, sleeping and shitting Nike, this video rasies a slight moral dilema for me...

My love for Nike verse Nike's love for the almighty dollar.

Like my man Jim Keady said,

"Somethings wrong here, and we can fix it."

The solution is simple, but corporate greed will probaly prevent it from ever happening.

Heres's ESPN's feature "Sports in Court" to help introduce you to the film "Behind the Swoosh" about Nike's unfair labor practices.

ESPN: Sports in Court


If you would like to find out more, check out this 18 minute video by Jim Keady.

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"Behind the Swoosh"

Behind The Swoosh



I still love Nike, But I really think Nike should take better care of the half a million workers that are making the products we all love so much.

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It's sad to see the lifestyles of the factory workers over seas....

We work all day to buy these sneakers to look fresh, and the people over seas work all day to make us these sneakers just so they can stay alive.

And they only make $1.25 a day!

Any shitty job in the U.S. you more then that in less then 10 minutes.

I'm not trying to throw Nike under the bus, I know it's all business, It's the way of the world, If I had a huge company i'd want to find the cheapist labor too.
But if my workers are doing a good job, and they make great products then I reward them for all there sacrifices and hard work.
Its not asking to much to just give them a little bit more money so they can improve the style of the life they live.

How about a raise?

Think about it Phil.

Put yourself in there shoes.....

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Just Do it.

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