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Mike in Miami

If you have ever been to a Miami Heat home game you may have noticed a Gigantic red Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls number 23 jersey hanging from the rafters.

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Now you may be asking yourself...

What does Michael Jordan have to do with the Miami Heat?

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Why would the Miami Heat hang the jersey of a player that never played for them and had no link to the city of Miami?

The answer is Pat Riley.

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The Miami Heat retired Michael Jordan's No. 23 jersey before his final game at the team's arena back in 2003.

Miami coach Pat Riley said no Heat player will wear the number again.

"In honor of your greatness and for all you've done for the game of basketball -- and not just the NBA, but for all the fans around the world -- we want to honor you tonight and hang your jersey, No. 23, from the rafters," Riley said at midcourt. "No one will ever wear No. 23 for the Miami Heat. You're the best." Jordan then hugged Riley and waved to the crowd.

"Having our guys walk onto the court and look up to see how high you have to climb to reach what he has achieved is something that I think is honorable," Riley said.

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"I just believe he deserves it. The guy has been the greatest player in the history of the game, and I think it wouldn't be a bad idea for every team in this league to hang his number in the rafters as a reminder of what greatness is all about."

Jordan said he was surprised by the gesture.

"It was by far the best gift I ever could have received," Jordan said. "To have your jersey retired in someone else's building, that says a lot. ... It's definitely something very, very special."

Jordan averaged 30.2 points on 51.5 percent shooting in 37 regular-season games against the Heat during his career.

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He was even better in the playoffs, averaging 34.2 points in 11 games.

And now his jersey hangs in the Heats gym casting a shadow of greatness over everyone that visits the American Airlines Arena.

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Only Michael Jordan could pull some shit off like that.

Beating the team year after year and the coach hangs your jerey in the gym like there proud of the all the ass whoopings Mike hand delivered to the Heat.

Your the man Mike.

Bonus Videos:

Enjoy this old footage of the Bulls vs. Heat game back in 97 at the old Miami Arena.

Great highlights of Mike burning the Heat for a cool 50 points in only the 4th game of the 97' season. Buzzer beaters, alley oop's, no look behind the back shots, even great pre-game and post game interview.

Enjoy this old video from the 92 playoffs, game 3 Chicago Bulls vs the Miami Heat.

Miami's first playoff home game in franchise history.

Mike started off a little slow with only 2 points in the first quarter but turned up the "heat" and scored 54 more points in the next 3 quarters ending up with an ice cold 56 points to end the Heats first post season run.

Thank Hoopsencyclopedia for the old Bull's vs. Heat video's.

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