For everyone that like's Mike.


One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Million!

Mars used to call Mike "Money"...

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I guess now Mars can refer to Mike has "a little less Money" after Mike makes history with a HUGE dirvorce settlement from wife Juanita.

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Mike's estimated fortune of $400 million is about to be cut in half. Mikes divorce settlement is reportedly for a cool $168 Million, making it the largest celebrity divorce settlement in history. released some intresting documents with a little insight to how Mike's pockets just got a little lighter.

The story starts back in 1989. Her name is Karla Knafel. Karla was a singer doing a gig in Indiana where she met NBA referee Eddie Rush.

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Eddie was in town working the Chicago Bulls/Indiana Pacers game. Mr. Rush told Karla that he knew Mike personally and to prove it he called Mike at his hotel room and introduced her over the phone.

The next day Jordan called Karla and invited her to meet him at the airport but Karla declined because she had a headache.

Jordan continued to call Karla to try to meet up personally but did not actually meet in person until December of 1989, 3 months after his marriage to Juanita.

Karla flew to Chicago and stayed at a local hotel where Mike meet with Karla. The 2 went shopping for a gift for Chicago Bulls teammate John Paxson. Mike accompained Karla back to her hotel room where he "seduced" her.

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Mike and Karla had unprotected sex.

Mike gave her tickets to the Bulls game that night which Karla attended.
Mike's sexual relationship continued with Karla until 1991 when Karla learned she was pregnant.
Karla kept her pregnacy a secret, convinced it was Mikes baby.

At the time the Bulls were on path to there first championship, Mike's product endorsments were earnin him large amounts of money. Karla finally told Mike about the pregnancy in the Spring of 1991. Mike tryed to get Karla to have an abortion, but becuase of "religous beliefs" Karla refused. Karla and Mike spoke many times about the impending birth of the baby and because of her refusal to abort the baby discussed possible resolutions to there dilemma.

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Mike offered Karla $5,000,000 when he retired from basketball in exchange for her agreement not to file a paternity against him in court and for aggrement to keep there romantic involment confidential. Karla accepted Mikes offer and did not proceed with filling a public paternity lawsuit against Mike. Karla kept her promise but it was Mike that first publicly disclosed their relationship filing a lawsuit against Karla in October of 2002.

Karla's baby was born in 1991 and Mike paid certain hospital bills and medical costs, even sent roses to the hospital for Karla. Mike also paid Karla a sum of $250,000 for her mental pain and anguish over there relationship.

Karla belived Mike was going to pay her once he retired and waited until right before Mikes second retirement to try and collect the money Mike promised her back in 1991. Karla decided to take action in September of 1998 after Mike and the Bulls wrapped up his 6th championship, but before he annouced his official retirement.

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In September of 1998, Karla drove to the Mirage Hotel and casino where she approached Mike at the blackjack table. Mike greeted Karla with a kiss, said he was "happy" to see her and Karla joined him at the black jack table. Karla and Mike talked about there agreement in 1991 for her payment of $5,000,000 and Mike told Karla he would have his lawyer contact her to arrange payment.

Mike offically retired from the NBA in 1999 and never paid Karla.

Soon after that Karla retained counsel from a major law firm to assert her contract rights to obtain his agreed payment. Karlas counsel then contacted Mikes counsel in an attempt to amicably and confidentially resolve there contract dispute. As a result, a written statute of limitations Tolling Agreement was signed by Mike and Karla in December of 2001.

During settelment discussions and during the pendancy of the Tolling Agremeent, Mike and his lawyers suddenly filed a compliant on this action in October of 2002 in which Jordan denies he ever promised to pay Karla $5,000,000 and denies he owes her any more money.

Eventually in 2003 a judge tossed this case out, Jordan was not the father. Also,the judge concluding that the so-called promise would amount to a form of extortion, hush money, and that the whole thing is void and unenforceable.

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"He stood up and took a principled stand that when faced with extortion, rather than pay it, you blow the whistle. He did that and today he prevailed," said Fred Sperling, Jordan attorney.

Looking back, $5 Million don't sound as bad as One Hundred and Sixty-Eight Million Dollars!

God Damn thats alot of money.

A lesson to learn from all this?

When you fuck around on your wife...

You can really get FUCKED!

Magic got HIV.

Kobe got an ugly ass tattoo.

And Mike lost $168 Million dollars, his crib, and the kids!

Sorry Mike.

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